Whose Choice? Whose rights? Grappling with Completing Rights

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No woman should be required to participate in any procedure that is not medically necessary before being allowed to have an abortion.
Women have undergone a long history of fighting for their rights. The two waves of the suffrage movement in the 20th century not only bore that acceptance of women of the society but strived to make them equal to other categories in society. What is yet notable, dear fellow students, that these days women how to represented in different dimensions of feminism that touch upon their reproductive rights. Particularly, I am referring to the requests for necessary medication before having an abortion, which is supported by the federal legislation in most states.

Therefore, I would like to ask you one question. Do you believe it this would be the end of feminist movement if women found their right for abortion? Currently, the implications in legal terms illustrate that the scope of work regarding reproductive rights remains to be disregarded. The legislation currently makes women go through the painful process of medical procedures before actually having the opportunity to have the abortion as it is listed in the legislation. However, let’s look at this issue from the two different perspectives.

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Dear fellow students, the cases of abortions are not that simple, and they go through the painful legal hearings and often decided by judges. Furthermore, we do not exactly know whether the health measures that are being set are done in accordance with the neutral position of the doctors who define it. Therefore, the argument on the necessity to carry out the medical check each time before the abortion creates a limitation for the exercise of women’s rights.

Evidence also suggest that it could become another topic for the debate these days, as women tend to underestimate their rights without questioning. The majority yet confirms that the right of having an abortion is the chance for preventing illegal activities. What yet remains neglected is the bureaucracy, the cost for such medical check and the ultimate effectiveness of having gone through such a procedure.In fact, the websites dedicated to the overall process of getting an abortion indicate that it lasts only about 5 to 10 minutes were the bureaucratic process may take up to several hours. Due to the legality of the procedure, it has to be followed according to the facts mentioned in the legal paperwork. What’s more striking in that case is that women do not advocate their positions due to the lack of media attention towards that issue. In fact, if there were more awareness of the large dependence of the point in its legal terms, one could argue more particularly what would be the direction of feminism in that regard.

Reproductive rights which do not directly imply to the rights of representations touch upon numerous aspects of women’s rights that often go beyond abortion. However, in regards that abortion is currently made legal does not necessarily mean that women fully exercise their chance and use the opportunity wisely. Given the fact that some unwanted facts could be revealed in the course of the process of medical investigation, or some violation of preserving the information about a patient could lead to the questionable outcomes of the exercise of abortion rights, the issue requires a much deeper and more significant rethinking from the perspective of women’s rights in the context of the 21st century.

Therefore, dear fellows, the awareness of the risks that women might have to undergo might result in the unwanted effects; that might lead to the violations of women’s rights.

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