YouTube’s Chief, Hitting a New Play Button

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Recently an interesting article entitled “YouTube’s Chief, Hitting a New Play Button” appeared in the New York Times website on December 20, 2014. This article is written by Jonathan Mahler. I found this article to be interesting because it discusses the future of YouTube from the stand point of the CEO. Most of the time people think of YouTube as an entertainment outlet, however, this article discusses the form of entertainment that YouTube provides from a business standpoint.

One of the first questions that the chief executive, Susan Wojcicki answers is whether or not she believes that cable television will be around in ten years. This captures the reader’s attention right away because most of us never imagined that cable television would not be around in the future since it was first brought into American homes. In fact, the author states that if cable television is not around in ten years, YouTube will probably be the cause of it.

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Mahler characterizes the do-it-yourself video platform that he state Wojcicki ‘presides over’ as an empire. Additionally, he suggests that the power of this empire is enough to bring down cable television. One reason for the power of YouTube is that more hit programming is actually produced on it than is coming out of any Hollywood studio. Many of us watch YouTube and do not realize the level of success and popularity that it has achieved.

The article goes on to state that not too long ago, it was thought that YouTube was a media outlet that would not survive due top copyright violations. Not only has this time period in YouTube’s establishment passed, today one billion people per day watch 300 million hours of YouTube videos.

From this article I learned that YouTube has grown into a very powerful media outlet that is primed to take the place of cable television as the primary source of entertainment. It’s popularity has soared in recent years more than most people would have thought it could and the stars of YouTube are the new stars of today.

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