Analysis Of Obesity in America

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This class offered some valuable insights into understanding the “big picture” associated with obesity in the USA. I was particularly struck to learn the extensive scope of conditions related to obesity which include diabetes, hypertension, and specific types of cancer. I was likewise surprised to learn that obesity as a health condition is closely associated with low-income economic status. This means that despite a widespread assumption that obesity is the result of over-eating, statistics show that it is rather the result of unhealthy eating (what, in turn, is the result of poverty that prevents individuals from purchasing healthy products such as fruit and vegetables).

Based on my own experience, I can conclude that obesity is often accompanied by low physiological awareness. What I mean is that people with obesity are often unaware of its true reasons and consequences. In this respect, I can refer to the example of my aunt who has been obese for as long as I remember her. She would always explain it by an inborn inclination to stoutness and an unfavorable genetic background. In the meantime, she would never associate it with her lifestyle and her eating habits. This might be the case with many people with obesity: they do not have sufficient knowledge of the human body and physiology to address this condition properly.

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The advice that can be given in this respect is first and foremost to educate population (if this is advice for the state) and to perform self-education (if this is advice for individuals) on the theme of healthy eating, the importance of physical activity, the correlation between these two variables and weight. Most notable, individuals should clearly realize that it is a proactive approach to a healthy lifestyle that is the only way to maintain a healthy weight, avoid obesity (or address it), and prevent the related conditions such as diabetes.

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