Animal Sciences Personal Statement

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If you ask people familiar with me to define me, two of the traits most of them may mention are strong work ethics and empathy. Not only I have excelled in academics throughout my high school career including AP courses, I have also been highly involved in co-curricular activities. It was a struggle at times to manage both academic and co-curricular responsibilities but once I make a commitment to something, I am not afraid to go to any length to do the job whether it was after-class meetings with professors or study sessions on the weekends instead of hanging out with friends. I am aware of the fact I have been fortunate to grow up in a loving family and always have had access to opportunities that have helped me discover my true potential. This realization inspired me to become more social conscious and I decided to choose a career that will allow me to make a difference in the society.

When we think of social issues, the first ones to come to mind are global warming, women rights, LGBT rights, and immigration reform. This is why I have decided to pursue Animal Sciences because I think it is one of the most overlooked social issues. I am also pursuing a degree in Animal Science because I have always loved them. To me, they demonstrate some of the best qualities we seek in fellow humans such as loyalty and kindness. We don’t realize it but our pets are often the strongest source of emotional support even though they do not speak our language. My decision has also been influenced by the fact that more and more people now own pets but they often do not know how to properly take care of them. In addition, there are not enough veterinarians out there to meet the needs of the pet owners and I know this from personal experience as many of my friends and relatives have complained. I am also passionate about animal rights because animals cannot communicate so it is up to us to protect their rights. As a veterinarian, I do not only intend to provide medical care but also educate people to improve animal rights in the society.

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I have chosen North Carolina State University because the program has a long history of producing leading veterinarians in the state which is not surprising given its world class faculty. I also hope to have access to a strong professional network through the program which will enable me to identify organizations that could help me make significant contributions towards improving animal care standards and rights in the society.

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