Banking Video Analysis

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This video brings out what banking is all about. From it, one realizes that banking is a business operation that accepts and ensures that money from its clients is safe. Additionally, these institutions also offer loans at an interest so that they can earn some benefits as their profits. The video further depicts that there has been a dramatic development in the banking industry and economic growth. This is well discussed in the video by focusing on the simple way that banks accept money its clients and then offering it as loans to different individual. From this activity, it is evident that the bank allows flow of cash in the economy performing productive functions.

It is further clear that if the banks were not there the investors would not have adequate funds to inject into their ventures. Additionally, funds belonging to savers would be lying in their homes. The video further brings out what banking system is all about. From this, within a particular nation banking system defines how money is supplied and managed in the hands of individuals. Trust is also brought out as a critical factor in banking is required for a bank or any other financial institution to survive.

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This video provides answers that develop from watching such as, how do exchange rate function, impact individual finances, and the best way safeguard individual funds from influence of exchange rates. Exchange rate is defined as what determines what amount of one currency can be exchanged for another currency. For instance dollars, exchange rate clearly defines how much a dollar can be exchanged for a particular currency. The video further brings out the major body that determines exchange rate as forex and ways through which the government can regulate its exchange rates. The video further depicts types of exchange rate. Flexible exchange rate is depicted at the rate determined by the market. The major determinant of the price is the traders. These rates usually change from time to time. Factors determining the fluctuation of these prices are also brought out. Such factors include the interest rates imposed by the central banks, nations borrowing levels and lastly the economic status of a country.

The video further depicts how different currencies took advantage of the recession period to gain strength. The next type is fixed rate. According to the video, this is usually determined by the country. It further offers examples of countries having this kind of exchange rate like China. It further brings out different perspectives regarding exchange rates. For instance, why Euro is considered a special currency? Often, currencies are compared in terms of dollars, for example, how many dollars makes a particular currency. However, when comparing it to euro; it is compared as how many euros make a dollar. It further brings out that the euro is the next most popular currency after a dollar.

This video brings out what is meant by economic policy, the different types, its primary objective and the tools used. For instance, its definition as a technique through which the government directs utilization and collection of its revenues are clearly depicted. It is also evident that lawmakers and citizen have their ideas through which monies spent to create a growing economy. Therefore, the principal aim of the policy is to offer a guideline on how the money should be spent. Additionally, the two major fiscal policies are also depicted. From the video, we have expansionary and contractionary monetary policy.

It is evident that expansionary aim is to improve and enhance the economic situation of a nation. The video further depicts how fiscal policy works hand in hand with monetary policy to ensure healthy economic growth. Through this, much of the finances fall into the hands of the citizens such that employment increases and also maintains businesses. This is practiced in a situation where the government offers more money or reduces taxes. This video further explains why state and local government are not able to maintain expansionary fiscal policy. According to its argument, the two levels of government are required to keep an equilibrium budget but the federal government due to the few restriction it can apply this kind of fiscal policy. On the other hand, the film, explain the contractionary fiscal policy and the reason it is not often used. According to the video, this kind of fiscal policy is not applied since its major aim is usually to reduce the rate of economic growth and eradicate inflation. The major tools depicted in the video include taxation as the main source of revenue. The next tool is spending on recurrent expenses for other expenses.

This video brings out the meaning of fiscal stimulus and the current debate revolving around it. From the video, it is obvious it means a trial by the government to rejuvenate the economy after the recession. The video attempts to bring out the challenges within the economy. For instance, the private sectors stills operate in high debt levels and are making efforts to reduce them. Additionally such houses are expensive, and mortgages are received by a few individuals. In addition, the video indicates the different techniques used by the government in this process. Such methods include reduction of interest rates, raising the government expenses to increase the money circulation among others.

Based on the video it is only through the government that offer assistance and ensure that the economy does not return to recession stages. However, it further possess a lot of question whether this is the best means to kick-start the economy. The video further brings out the difference that exists between the monetary and fiscal stimulus. Based on the video, the two are tools that have an enormous influence to the economic growth. Monetary policy refers to the control of interest rates and the contribution of money while, on the other hand, fiscal policy defines all the taxation and government spending.

The video clearly brings what social security entails, its benefits and the eligibility of the citizens. For instance, from the video it is evident that social security involves old-age, survivors and issues related to disability. The video also shows how beneficial this scheme is beneficial the members of one’s family, spouse after one get retired or even die. The video further indicates the different techniques through which citizens can apply for this benefit. For instance, the online application is well illustrated. Online application convenience is illustrated and also how it is done. Additionally, all citizens are eligible for it as long as he or she has worked for ten years or more and one as attained 62 years.

To the viewer, this raises some question on the time value of money. The film further explains how the social security calculations are made and estimated based on one’s income. It further explains why the estimates can be more or less. To name a few, they include alteration of earnings due to rise or fall, alteration of the laws of other factors. The video further brings out the significance and the use of social security number. Based on the video, the card helps to maintain ones record and earnings in a proper manner.

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