Being a Defense Attorney

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One cannot overstate the importance of a well-established legal infrastructure to the economic and social progress of a society. At the same time, it is also important that everyone’s constitutional rights are protected and no one is denied justice on the basis of factors such as his economic, social, or ethnic background. This belief has played a major role in my decision to become a defense attorney because I specifically aim to improve access to legal rights for some of the most vulnerable members of our society.

Sometimes we go through experiences that leave huge impact on us and I also went through such an experience which made me determined to work for better access to legal rights for everyone. My family used to have a landscaper named Juarez who was an illegal immigrant from Mexico. He also worked as a laborer at construction sites on contract. One of his employers in the construction job was an American-Pakistani who would not only underpay them but would also delay payments for months at times. The employer would exploit them because he knew workers with no legal status and lack of education are easy to scare and do not understand their proper legal rights.

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When my mother heard this, she educated Juarez on his legal rights and even offered him to introduce to a pro-bono lawyer. Juarez hesitated at first but my mom assured him that he would not be in trouble and, in fact, his employer would have a lot to lose unless he changes his behavior. The strategy worked and Juarez’ employer never delayed payments from that time onward. This was an eye-opener for me that even in well-established legal systems, delivery of justice is delayed or denied because victims do not properly understand their rights and are easily scared.

One of the activities I enjoy most is engaging in intellectual discussions. They not only expand my thinking horizon but also improve my logical reasoning skills. In addition, I am curious by nature and am always open to learning about new things. Thus, it is not a surprise that the legal profession appeals to me because the job of a lawyer is not as black and white as many other professions but instead each case is unique. Good lawyers are those who not only possess good understanding of the legal framework but also have strong deduction and reasoning skills and are able to connect the dots to identify the big picture. As a lawyer, I will be intellectually challenged on a regular basis and the work may be hard but it will also be interesting and force me to continuously push myself towards the limits.

I pride myself on being an avid consumer of news and information and as a result, I have good understand of current and emerging global trends. Just as the competition has increased among businesses, it has also increased in the job market, thus, career security has become an important consideration for even college graduates. I do take comfort in the fact that lawyers enjoy better job security than most professions. In addition, I also plan to work in other countries which will provide me with access to even greater career opportunities.

I also hope to inspire future generations through my work that we can pursue a profession we enjoy and yet make difference in the world at the same time. Those who are fortunate should do something for those who are less fortunate because this is how society professes in both economic and social terms.

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