Biomedical Science Personal Statement

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One of the best advices I have ever gotten was from my father who told me to do what I not only enjoy but can also excel at because one life means we are only given one chance to realize our true potential. In addition, I have always wanted to pursue a career that will enable me to make positive contributions towards the wellbeing of the society.

Of all the scientific breakthroughs over the last few decades, stem cell has fascinated me the most because it may not only help us find cure to some of the toughest challenges facing medical science today but may even completely redefine the field. The huge potential of stem cell research in advancing the field of medical science is the main reason I want to pursue Master of Science in Biomedical Science with concentration in Stem Cell Science. It is unfortunate that the last decade was a lost period for the U.S. stem cell research community due to negative political attitudes which only benefitted other countries engaged in stem cell research such as Singapore and South Korea. Fortunately, the political and social environment is once again supportive of stem cell research and the advancements in technology make it one of the most exciting times to work in the field.

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My academic record demonstrates my commitment to excellence and confirms my potential to succeed in the program. One factor that particularly makes me an attractive candidate is my habit of continuously improving personal knowledge and thinking perspectives by reading on a wide range of subject matters including politics, technology, social issues, healthcare, demographic trends, and business. I believe that professional success doesn’t only depend upon technical proficiencies but also being aware of the external factors that influence the profession. I have no doubt I will be an impressive ambassador of the university in the real world.

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