British Civilization Commentary

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The text gives deep and analytical insight into the bittersweet relationship existing between the United States and Great Britain. While the general feeling is that the Anglo-American relationship is largely one sided, the author holds the strong view that it does make sense. This argument, which dominates the entire text, is elaborated and supported throughout the text using rather convincing arguments. Historical information such as past events and key political personalities has been alluded to in order to enhance credibility of the arguments and views.

The author does a brilliant job by first outlining the key questions that he intends to tackle in the subsequent text. This is highly recommendable and it braces the reader for what to expect (Al-Hajaj & Davis, 2008). The author subsequently summarizes the entire relationship as being based on trust. Additionally, he notes that the reality of the matter is that America shall always remain the dominant partner while Britain shall continue playing a submissive role. In light of this, both have different roles to play.

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Both countries have to begin by defining their expectations from the relationship. The fact that the US is not precluded from having other relations outside this one is clearly brought to the fore. The author also expresses his wish that America deals with the European countries as individuals and not as a block. Britain on the other hand, should be prepared to accept its submissive role but at the same time clearly spell out its expectations from the United States. It should additionally anticipate differences in opinions and challenges ahead.

All in all, the superb structured presentation of the content coupled with the clear and concise explanations make the document not only effective but also quite convincing (Minahan, 1926). This is a text indeed worth reading.

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