Brown Pre-College Programme

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Since a young age I have been interested in solving simple and complicated problems and in understanding how the world around me worked and moved. For a long time I have hoped to be able to use this interest to help other people and the world in general overcome the problems which face them. It is for these reasons that I would very much like to take part in the Brown Pre-College Programme. Were I to take part in the programme then I would expect to enrol on courses which are specifically related to Engineering. I am deeply interested in this subject because I believe that it offers people the best chance they have of solving the difficulties which face society and because I believe that it offers me the personal chance to learn more about my own world, the way it is constructed and ways in which I can improve it. I believe that the study of Engineering will enable me to learn to think critically and creatively while remaining focused on the possibility of the practical solution of problems and difficulties. My own father is an engineer and I have spent a significant amount of time with him on site visits and have watched him prepare work for various projects. The experience of this has served to solidify my belief that becoming a practicing engineer would allow me to both grow as a person and play an important in society as a whole.

Through my school studies, I have been able to develop a talent for the Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. In preparation for the study of engineering I also plan to develop my skills in the fields of Algebra, Geometry, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science. Were I to attend the Brown Pre-College Programme then I would embrace the opportunity to develop and build on all of these skills and subjects. The subjects attract me, not only because I have a proven ability in them, but also because they provide the tools to solve global problems of transport, food distribution and to develop new and innovative ways to protect the environment from people, as well as people from the environment. The study of engineering will enable to me to develop these skills as well as putting them to practical use in the world around me.

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The University’s engineering programme includes tours, lectures, laboratory work demonstrations and team projects which are designed allow students to develop their skills in mathematics, science and other areas as well as allowing them to see, from first hand experience, whether or not Engineering is truly the right subject for them. Although I am almost entirely convinced that I would like to study Engineering at college, I believe that I would benefit immensely from these opportunities. I am especially excited about the opportunity to learn first hand from those who are professionals in the field. I believe that my natural enthusiasm and dedication to subject will enable me to contribute actively to classes and discussions, as well as working diligently to learn new abilities and to improve my existing skills.

I find all of this to be a very exciting prospect. As an international student, I am also deeply excited by the opportunity to experience first hand life at a prestigious American college. I believe that this experience will enable me to make new friends, grow socially, share ideas and thoughts and engage in the challenges of academic and social life. I believe that all of these chances are opportunities which I would fully embrace were I to be able to take part in the programme. It is these reasons that I both interested and excited to take part in the Brown Pre-College Programme.

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