“Building Baby from the Genes Up” Response

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In his article “Building Baby from the Genes Up”, Professor Ronald M. Green discusses the ethical implications of genetic engineering in the context of the decision of the British HFEA to allow reprogenetic procedure for two couples who wanted to eradicate breast cancer in their families. While acknowledging the limitations and dangers of gene technology, the author argues that they are not as significant as the benefits it can provide for humanity in the nearest future.

Though Professor Green makes an attempt to refute or minimize some of the concerns raised by the opponents of genetic engineering, they still seem highly worrisome for me. It is quite clear that the utilization of gene technology will not stop at eliminating the dangerous mutations in the embryonic genome: with the increase in the genetic knowledge, parents will also insist on choosing particular character traits and appearance for their children as if they are buying a doll in a supermarket.

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While the author claims that the intensity of parental love will not be impacted by genetic technology, I am sure that this consumerist approach can significantly erode the imminent human feelings and attachments. Also, instead of contributing to social betterment, genetic engineering is more likely to lead to creation of the race of superhumans, who will despise the rest of the humanity (non-engineered) and possibly subjugate them. The claim of the author that surprised me most is that improvement of human genome is consistent with the biblically derived faiths. While the Bible indeed permits people to improve the natural world, it does not sanction the redesign of humans themselves, other than by intense spiritual work and penance.

Genetic engineering is a highly controversial issue, which is inseparable from the moral and religious worldview of every person. However, one universal concern, which is not even mentioned by the author, is that common use of genetic engineering will stop people from working on themselves in the way they do now. We are fascinated with the people who make large cognitive or physical achievements by hard work and determination, but people will not be likely to apply so many efforts when they know that the necessary genes are already wired into them. Moreover, genetic programming can totally prevent humans from seeing other opportunities in life other than the ones that were expected by their parents.

  • Green, Ronald. “Building baby from the genes up”. Washington Post 13 April, 2008. Web. 10 Nov. 2015.

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