Channel Marketing: An Article Review

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The article chosen is titled ‘Channel Marketing’, published on the Marketing-schools.org website, and it gives an overview of what channel marketing is. It begins with a brief description of channels from a business perspective, and defines channel marketing as a means through which businesses identify new channels or improve preexisting channels. Channel marketing primarily involves business-to-business marketing, as revenues can be improved when businesses collaborate to increase market penetration. According to the article, large companies which offer an assortment of products in a variety of territories. This equips such companies with large marketing departments, which are able to handle the demands of channel marketing, as the more resources the marketer has, the more channels they are able to create and maintain. The best partnerships work between complementary services, and the article gives an example of a software company working with electronic retailers.

The article then proceeds to give an overview of how a channel-marketing plan is created and implemented, with the first step being identification of potential partners. The next step is making a pitch to the potential partner, and if convinced, a contract is then signed. The article concludes by listing possible career options in channel marketing, the average salary range in channel marketing, and advices on the education, experience and inherent qualities that are a necessity in this field. An undergraduate degree in marketing is a necessity coupled with good analytical and arithmetic skills are considered the minimum entry level requirements for a career in channel marketing.In between this advice, the article offers tips on how to maintain channel relationships, such as having a good support system to respond to problems, allowing all parties involved to contribute during planning and maintaining an open line of communication between all parties in the channel.

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This article plays an important role in marketing. It does not make a bold new claim, or announce a groundbreaking discovery, but simply seeks to inform individuals.The article is aimed at propagating the simple knowledge, which is something that does not occur as frequently as it should. More often than not, the knowledge associated with marketing is usually disseminated in a manner that is unintelligible to a layman. This makes outsiders view the marketing world as highly complicated and difficult to break into, while it is not the case. This article defines channel marketing in language that is simple to understand, and uses examples that persons not well versed in marketing can understand. A person interested in breaking into the business world can read this article to get a better understanding of channel marketing, and read other articles on the various aspects of marketing before coming up with a decision.

By giving readers the prospective salaries, educational qualifications, and inherent qualities necessary in the field of channel marketing, the article serves marketing as a marketing tool. It also has a segment on how enrollment into a marketing school can help an individual break into the field of channel marketing, and by reading through this, people might become convinced to pursue a career in the field. This is good for the field of marketing as a whole because when more people are involved, it increases the expertise pool, which is a prerequisite for innovation, as more individuals bring in their unique perspective into marketing. In a nutshell, the article offers a concise summary of what channel marketing is, who engages in it, and what it takes to engage in it, and this information goes a long way in educating people outside the world of marketing about an aspect of marketing. This makes it easier for marketers to deal with non-marketers, and serves the important purpose of convincing individuals to venture into the world of marketing.

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