Christopher Columbus Essay

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Throughout the annals of American history, there exists a plethora of interesting people. These people are interesting for a variety of reasons: some are controversial, some are the first at something, some are powerful, some are rich and famous. Two of the most interesting people in America are Christopher Columbus and George Washington. These two men are so interesting that if given the opportunity to sit down and have dinner with either or both of them, one would be foolish not to jump at the chance for one on one conversation. Imagine the questions they could answer that would provide a greater insight into our nation. In addition, the possibility of getting to know these two famous figures would cast everything one has learned about history in a new light.

Christopher Columbus is famous for obvious reasons: he is credited with discovering America, he was an explorer, and he was a navigator in the time before GPS no less. Given the opportunity to sit down to dinner with him may provide some problems for a non Spanish speaker, so the first thing one would ask for would be to have an interpreter present. There are many questions one may want to ask Columbus. The first and most obvious question would be to ask him about his feelings regarding stumbling upon America when he was not even looking for it. The expected answer would be that he was stunned, but there may be more to his feelings than mere surprise. Perhaps he realized right away what his discovery would mean as far as garnering him the fame and riches he so desired. However, in a dinner conversation, he may not be so bold as to mention his desire for fame and wealth. Another question to pose during casual dinner conversation would be to ask him what in the world he was thinking when he sent 500 slaves to Queen Isabella. He may just admit that he had a crush on the queen and was trying to woo her away from King Ferdinand. One final question would center around his feelings about how his quest for fame and fortune eluded him in the end. At this point in a dinner conversation, he may actually change the topic.

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Another historically interesting person with whom to have dinner would be George Washington. Given the formality of his time period, the dinner would most obviously be a formal one. Questions to ask the first president of the United States would be the obvious: what was it like to be the first president of the United States? He would probably regale his dinner guest with his experiences of bringing life to a new nation, and he would go into detail about his time in the war and how his presidency came in to being. He would be self deprecating of course, especially since the presidency was not a title he sought. He would probably even go into some detail about his time as a general leading up to the presidency. More questions for the former president may include those involving the running of his estate, Mount Vernon.

Since he loved the Potomac River plantation, one can assume that he would answer any questions involving the estate with much pride and joy. This would presumably the bulk of the conversation since talking about his home was a subject of which he never tired. Of course, one could not neglect to ask the question that involves the myth of whether he chopped down the cherry tree. He may not confess to the falseness of that story since that would take away some of the mystery surrounding his boyhood.

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