Migration Analysis

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The immigration from Asia to America in the 20th century was significantly driven by the significant strengthening of the trade relations in the aftermath of the World War II. As the US government undertook some measures to decrease immigration from Asia in the 19th century and reinforced with the enactment of the Immigration Act in 1924, the migration flow has changed, and the inflow of people has significantly improved. The immigration at the end of the 20th century conceptually falls under the postwar migration.

The legislative basis has significantly changed in the aftermath of the adoption of the Immigration Reform and Control Act. In the 1980s, the immigration from Act influenced the immigration flow for the first time as the employees could face penalties for hiring illegal immigrants. This was also the push factor from eliminating the immigration flow from Asia to America.

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The immigration from Asia to America at the end of the 20th century was relatively smaller compared to the influx of immigrants from the Hispanic countries. The principal states that serve as the primary source of immigration from Asia are India and Pakistan. Currently, the immigration trend is that the skilled workers are more lenient to arrive at the United States in search of the realization of their professional competences. (Preston, 2018) Unlike the postwar immigration that brought a lot of labor workers to the United States, the immigration since the end of the 20th century took a new twist as the competencies and expertise prevail over the lack of qualifications.

The cultural integration of the Asian immigrants is flowing relatively smoothly, as most of the newcomers quickly learn the English language. Specifically, the immigrants from India have the little difficulty in integrating as they represent one of the leading postcolonial countries. The social integration is also going relatively smoothly, too.

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