Clinical Social Worker – Counseling Perspective

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The advent of clinical social work took place in the 1900s. Clinical social work is one of the most vibrant social works (NYSSCSW, 2014). Clinical social workers play a crucial role in enhancing the mental health of human beings in various perspectives. This is a unique section of healthcare. This is because it does not involve medical procedures to handle the problems that are related to clinical social health (BU, 2013). To practice in this field, the minimum qualification is a master”s degree in social work with specialization in the clinical option. This is followed by intensive supervised internship activity to refine the skills acquired. Clinical social workers use specialized knowledge and skills to advance appropriate clinical interventions with families, groups and individuals.

Clinical social workers play a critical role in addressing various aspects of in the society that result in mental and psychological stress. The most integral part of clinical social work is handling family and individual problems like domestic conflicts, substance abuse and other forms of serious illnesses. Clinical social work is a very invigorating endeavor that requires a lot of diversity and sensitivity. This is a profession that requires ultimate determination and social stability. Clinical social work requires intensive preparation and information acquisition so as to increase efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery. The major aim of clinical social workers is to restore and maintain the psychological, physical and social functions of an individual (BU, 2013).

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Typical clinical social workers are involved in the evaluation of behavioral, mental and emotional disorders. They are essential figures in the diagnosis process and in the development of the treatment schedules and plans to ensure positive results are achieved. In other situations, they are involved in referring of the complex cases to the appropriate specialists for further attention. Therefore, they are very important people in evaluation and administration of relevant therapy sessions on patients.

One of the unique characteristics of clinical social work is the application of ideological and theoretical philosophies to provide healthcare (NYSSCSW, 2014). Various environmental and social aspects of the patient are taken into consideration before the most appropriate procedure is applied on a patient. Clinical social workers have to embrace competence in both cultural and social diversity. This is because these are very crucial parts of the services that are expected from the expert. These are the most integral parts of group and family dynamics. The autonomous practice requires a multidisciplinary approach in delivering notable versatility to the patients (BU, 2013).

Clinical social work is related to various duties that are concerned to provision of treatment and guidance on the ways of coping with various social and psychological issues (NYSSCSW, 2014). Some of the isolated cases that are directly related to clinical social work include trauma that may be caused by injuries, illness impacts, disorders related to drug and substance addiction and mental disorders. They also handle various types of stresses and depressions that may result from various cultural, social and physical environments. Their engagement is strategically embedded on planned therapeutic activities and purposeful conversations to the patients. This is one of the mental therapy initiatives that is widely used to improve the quality of the lives of victims. Clinical social workers also play a big role in mobilizing and initiating policies and regulations that assist in addressing their concerns in their area of operation.

After approval of service by the relevant authorities, clinical social workers are licensed to work in various settings. This practice can be done in private facilities where the experts can work as consultants. This can also be offered in various public healthcare facilities like hospitals, schools and places of employment. In other cases, the clinical social workers can work in various agencies that can be community organizations, welfare agencies and non-governmental organizations (BU, 2013). Execution of the duties related to this profession must be consistent with the policies outlined in the working manuals and professional guidelines.

Clinical social workers can be categorized into various groups. This depends on the nature of service they deliver and the group of administration. They can also be categorized along the level of competence and expertise through various evaluation methods. The categories include those who provide services at the family level, psychiatric, military, public health clinical social workers and mental health clinical social workers (BU, 2013). The level of education among the clinical social workers also defines the differences in responsibilities and thus a clear classification.

Clinical social work is a career that appreciates various social aspects to enhance professional diversity. This is because the engagements that clinical social workers engage has a sole aim of advancing satisfaction by promoting abundance in caring about other people. One of the strategies that they use in this is by embracing the urge to improve the lives of others through relieving suffering. Professional determination is portrayed on the spirit of working to make a difference on various social platforms. This is achieved through strategic application of professional social aspects like advising, listening, advocating and counseling.

Clinical social work is a very unique career. This is because it applies basic sociological skills to engage psychological dynamics to assist people live within their comfort. This includes promoting adaptive approaches to promote satisfaction within the environment in which an individual dwells. Part of the work of clinical social workers is to strive to improve the social working conditions. The professional knowledge assists the clinical social workers to apply their will and desire for strategic promotion of ethical assistance. Clinical workers are specialists in offering preemptive therapy by offering additional guidance and treatment to avoid any issues that may arise in the future.

Working as a clinical social worker requires high levels of dynamism. This is because these individuals often work as communities, individuals or families. They are also involved in various levels of engagement that can be as administrators, managers and supervisors. Once qualifies, clinical social workers can serve in various capacities. These individuals are also involved in the advancement of the practice through being involved in various research activities related to the profession. Clinical social workers also provide technical and professional advice in the process of making policies related to clinical social work. These individuals are at the center of the implementation of all the policies that govern social workers. Being natural leaders by profession, clinical social workers can also serve as elected legislatures or political leaders.

In conclusion, clinical social workers are very crucial members of the society of the society (NYSSCSW, 2014). They play an imperative role of enhancing community health services and making the most appropriate medical referrals. They apply professional ethics and values that are relation to their profession to enhance the quality of lives in the society. Personal responsibility and integrity is very crucial towards the delivery of services that are related to clinical social work. Therefore, clinical social work is very essential in the society today as it plays a big role in maintaining dignity to humanity through the enhancement of mental health.

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