College Admission Transfer Essay

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I didn’t really take my academics seriously in high school but college totally changed my attitude towards education which may explain my impressive academic performance over the last two years. College education really opens up your mind and broadens your perspectives and moreover, you have the freedom to pursue what interests you and fits your strengths. As my community college career comes to an end, I want to transfer to the university that will not only provide me quality education in my chosen major of advertising with a minor in entrepreneurship but will also provide me with an access to leading companies to obtain work experience.

Our world has been changing at a tremendous pace due to globalization as well as advancement in internet technologies. I follow news and world trends closely and have realized my generation lives in the most exciting times in history even though competition is more intense than ever. It is now relatively easier to become an entrepreneur as well as greater control over different aspects of operations such as marketing. In fact, marketing has become one of the major tools to differentiate one’s business from the competition, hence, my decision to major in advertising with a minor in entrepreneurship.

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My career goals include obtaining experience in major corporations to build a strong foundation and eventually open my own business which focuses on certain niche population segments. I believe in community service and plan to donate a certain proportion of annual income to programs like education and research. I hope education at your university will provide me with a strong foundation and significantly increase the prospects of me accomplishing my short-term and long-term career goals.

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