Cyberhood vs. Neighborhood

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Over the last 10 years, cyber communities have become something which is capturing the attention of many individuals. This is because they are able to become closer with their friends and are more open about what is happening in their lives. However, it is different from traditional neighborhoods by demonstrating the dissimilarities between them. This is showing how the limitations of traditional neighborhoods in contrast with cyberhoods.

Cyberhoods versus Neighborhoods
As an ESL student, one of the biggest challenges I face is trying to connect with people from various demographics of society. The problem with traditional neighborhoods, is that they ignore critical issues. That help people to assimilate and understand culture. This is because specific segments will often congregate together in select areas. These communities take longer for someone to move beyond their comfort zone and find individuals who have similar interests.

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A cyberhood community offers better experiences for everyone. This is from having access to a larger number of people from around the world. I utilize these platforms as a way to enhance my relationships with others. For example, at online communities I have forged strong bonds with new / old friends, business contracts, for homework collaboration and to connect with others who have similar interests. In this case, I have established relationships with various individuals, who have a passion for soccer (via project soccer).

The result is that these experiences help me to improve my understanding of different cultures and the impacts they are having on everybody. Over the course of time, this has given me the ability to understand how to interact with numerous individuals from all walks of life. Inside a traditional neighborhood, these connections are very limited in scope. This something which makes it hard to grow as a person and to understand the world around them.

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