Cybersecurity and the New CISO

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I – Issue

The issue identified in the article is that the role of the CISO within organizations needs to change in response to today’s risk assessment and security environment. Organizations need to redefine the CISO within the organizational structure to allow them to take a more strategic role within the organization. The article finds that the CISO needs to take a more proactive, rather than reactive stance to cyber threats.

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R – Rule – I will locate the rule for the article – no need to complete this portion

A – Analysis

The increasing rate of data breaches, as well as increased use of technology and online services, has led to a higher need for security professionals. However, when it comes to recruitment, education and credentials may not be enough. The new CISO needs to understand risk management, and risk culture. They need to be up-to-date on current regulations, as well as take a proactive stance on protecting the organization’s infrastructure. It takes a more well-rounded individual to be the type of leader that is needed to be an effective security professional.

Security breaches continue to happen at an increasing rate and they can be a big risk for the organization. Data breaches destroy consumer trust, have a negative impact on the brand, and can expose the organization to legal expenses. The impact of cyber security on the organization is in alignment with the article’s assessment that the role of the CISO needs to be equal to, rather than under the CIO. They need to be empowered to perform the proactive duties of their risk management strategies.

C – Conclusion
The conclusion of the article emphasizes that the new role of the CISO that goes beyond just response to risk exposure to computer viruses. It encompasses protecting the brand and its reputation, as well as preserving revenues and shareholder value. The article suggests that the job description of the CISO be rewritten to include their new roles and functions within the organization.

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