Damas Jewellery Marketing Case Study

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Damas Jewellery LLC provides a wide variety of luxury jewelry products including watches, earrings, pendants, rings, bangles, necklaces and other luxury products to customers (Bloomberg, 2013). The company operates out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. However, Damas targets a larger international audience in addition to customers in the Middle East.

Customer Relationship Activities
Customer relationship activities at Damas center on building integrity and trust and exceeding customer expectations. Damas is also working to expand its influence and customer relationship base into new territories. According to Bloomberg News (2013) the organization signed a joint venture agreement with TIFFANY & Co stores in 2012, which states that Tiffany stores will help merchandise Damas products, including working with Damas to assist with assortment of jewelry, pricing, advertising, staffing, store design and financial services (Bloomberg, 2013). Damas works diligently to engage in multifaceted customer relationship activities that include retail customer service relationship management and online customer relationship management to reach out to customers from multiple perspectives. In this way, the company accesses customers from the broadest possible perspective.

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Service Quality
Damas sells products directly to customers, providing only the highest quality service, priding itself on giving the best attention and service to customers during transactions (Damas, 2013). This level of service is guaranteed whether in person or on the phone. Damas values include encouraging open communication, and earning customer loyalty by building integrity and trust; Damas believes that its customers are the foundation of its business and the company source of inspiration (Damas, 2013). Thus, the company service standard is to always exceed customer expectations.

Dissatisfaction? Where is the GAP Model?
If customers are dissatisfied, the company works to resolve the issue, until Damas becomes the customer’s “automatic choice, through the reputation of Damas products” and through service that is unmatched” (Damas, 2013). The GAP Model is based on a combination of meeting customer needs and exceeding them, word of mouth communication and customer referrals and past experience. Customers learn to expect the best quality of service from Damas; this results in external communication to other customers, who come to experience only the best from Damas Jewellery. Damas also works to manage perceptions of client and consumer expectations, which include integrity and trust from Damas, from its brand and internal customers. Lack of adequate market research and insufficient service leadership are all things that could harm Damas, so the company is always working to provide adequate training and research its markets to ensure it provides the best to its customers.

Service Activities, Handling of Complaints, Staff Issues
The company works diligently and honestly when handling all internal issues. Damas states that it “learns from its mistakes” and encourages training at all levels, so that internal employees can build careers (Damas, 2013). The company motivates employees and empowers its employees to “take responsibility and supports employees to deliver the best” (Damas, 2013). In addition, the organization recognizes that it must constantly deliver consistent results in order to form long-term relationships with customers. Thus when training employees, it’s integrity statement reveals that while encouraging employees to admit and learn from mistakes, it will also recognize their achievements in working to maintain long-term relationships with trusted partners (Damas, 2013).

Relationships Activities
Damas customer relationship activities include earning loyalty through integrity and trust; and practicing ethical business practices that build responsible business partnerships with new and existing clients (Damas, 2013). The company’s main goal includes creating products that are not only the best, but that inspire beauty in craftsmanship, so that customer’s see that the company believes in its products as much as it believes in its brand. In doing so Damas expects that customers coming in to shop will have memorable experiences, through the best service delivery, and experience with the best quality products on the market today.

How do Keep Customers/Create Loyalty/Customer Relationship Groups/Tech
One of the tools that Damas Jewellery uses to create loyalty, keep customers and gain new customers is to target market specific groups. These include using various techniques including multichannel marketing campaigns that target “affluent, young, Middle Eastern women” (Hutzler, 2011). The marketing campaigns that Damas has used in the past have been rolled out on print, social media outlets which are increasingly popular, television and other traditional and non-traditional venues to attract young women, and featured popular singers that young women are likely to listen to, inspiring young women in the Middle East to purchase Damas jewelry (Hutzler, 2011). This type of thinking according to the director of retail at Damas, “empowers young women with an everyday fashion statement to express their individual style” (Hutzler, 2011). This has always been one of the techniques adopted by Damas, and one used to create loyalty between Damas and its customers. Damas works to create strong connections and a good fit between target customer groups and its brand, by determining what customer a wants, and how to establish an intimate and personal connection with customers. Damas also uses the latest technology in customer relationship management, determining what databases will be most efficient in managing customer and corporate information, just as it has determined what marketing techniques are most efficient in reaching out to attract target audiences. The company works to leverage technology, just as it leverages television, mobile ads and social media, constantly changing its advertising strategy to keep up with innovations in technology and marketing techniques, to stay abreast of the latest in marketing (Bloomberg News, 2013; Hutzler, 2011).

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