Dance Choreography

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A dance choreographer is an individual who designs dance. What attracted me most to this career is because it embraces the use of dance to express ideas, feeling and stories. The most rewarding aspect about this artistic work is that it exhibits use of originality and nature in the development of new dances. I am a very good dance choreographer because of the devotion and love that I have towards some styles of dance. My utmost contribution to the profession is the use of innovation and creativity to come with the best dance designs yet to be seen in the world (Bernard, 1996).

As a dance choreographer, my biggest challenge would be adopting various dancing styles of dance that vary with period. I would try to cover that challenge by conducting deep research about contemporary dance styles and study the trends in order to asses my abilities. George Balanchine is the most attractive choreographer I have heard about (Bernard, 1996). He is my mentor in contemporary art and dance. The question that I can a professional choreographer of dance is, how would you adopt to the changes in menacing movements for gang warfare sequences?

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Choreographers are involved in dance routines and large scale production for television shows. They initiate the casting roles for dancers of all kinds. The choreographer must have good skills that can assist in adapting and learning quickly new steps and routines. Specialized training is provided in various schools and training facilities. Educational training is available that can make an individual have a high school diploma or equivalent and other higher qualifications depending on interest levels with varying learning periods stating from two to four years (Smith, 2000).

The average pay for this job is almost the same across all the states. The salary varies with the level of experience and expertise. For dancers, the average wage per hour is 14.16 U.S .D, while for choreographers, it is 18.33 U.S.D.. Most of the people in the industry work in groups to enhance sharing of skills and attributes. The typical working environment is a theatre room (Ellfeldt, 2008).

Film and music industries are the most related to dance choreography. In most cases, they work relatively to one another. Relevant and sufficient information can also be obtained from O*NET. Creative Skillset is the professional association that brings together all artists (Minton, 1997).

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