Data, Information, Hardware, and Software

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In my future profession as a computer technician, I will work to install software, enter in commands necessary in order to perform basic troubleshooting functions, and complete necessary tasks in order to resolve specific issues. The data that will be input into the computer system will depend on the piece of software or hardware that is being installed or will be troubleshot as a part of the process. If, for example, a Linux server is experiencing issues within WordPress, it will be necessary to login to cPanel, access the database, and make the necessary configuration changes there. The output will be presented in the form of a prompt for action, an error message, or the appropriate information being displayed, indicating there is no longer a need to install a given piece of hardware or software or that the error has been resolved.

As a computer technician, there are a variety of different pieces of hardware and software alike that will be needed. A phone is necessary in order to get calls about jobs that need completing, a website is necessary in order to advertise services, an email address and the ability to check said email address are needed for inquiries and communication between clients and myself. I will need a computer, preferably a desktop and a laptop, so that I may work in comfort from home, or work on the go or on site as needed. I will need to know all basic Microsoft operating systems, Linux, Fedora, and Mac OSX and higher. I will need to have knowledge of control panels for servers, networking components, and all associated errors that they may provide. I will need to know how to resolve Microsoft and Mac errors, and I will need to have the ability to access Google should I need to brush up on a point of information. I will need to keep the laptop and cell phone on me at all times, and it will probably be a good idea to invest in a hotspot as well so that I may be guaranteed internet access no matter where I may go, or what area of town or conditions that I may find myself in, ensuring that I will always be able to get the job done.

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