The David Garlock Story

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David Garlock and his brother came from a very dysfunctional family. Parents end up being divorced. The Dad was in the Vietnam and suffered from PSD. The parents ended being divorced. Mom moved to California.

David and his brothers were sexually abused for 8yrs, in Alabama. In June 1999 David and his brother murdered the offender, the brother was 22 and David was 19. They kept the secret for about four, and David was high constantly high during that period, it was his coping mechanism to forget the incident. October 29th he was working in a restaurant when the cops showed up confessed, after being interrogation room for 7hrs. David was looked up in Alabama. He found Christ, became a Christian, got saved whilst he was in prison. He was active in prison, he started preparing for the future whiles he was in prison; got his GED and worked. A man named Burt Skinner, gave him the opportunity to work at w Jubilee Seaford @ $9 an hr washing dishes, that was his first Job after he got out; Burt Skinner constantly cursed him out, but gave David a HUG when he resigned.

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David made Parole in 2013, was released 4/1/2013 after 13yrs. After his release he got SAT, applied to some universities but only Eastern University (It’s a Christian University). Most universities won’t admit a felon in any of their programs. Columbia State is working on the giving Felons a chance. David Graduated under with his Bachelors and Masters in Theology. His mind set was to better himself. He prepared for the future. He believed whatever the mind of a man can conceive and believe the mind of a man can achieve.

David has a foundation; the Program is focusing on helping Ex-offenders build new lives. He prefers people don’t call them Felons but addresses as A Returnee Citizen. He states there are two types of Prisoners, The Prisoners that does the time, and the Prisoners that allow the time to do them.
His argument is society should not focus on what they did, but who they are now (today); and give them second chances, as everybody deserves second chances in life. David has a heart of giving back. He worked with hospice, helped people getting their GED, driver’s license. His program is more or less a Rehab Program. He believes it takes a whole village to allow a citizen to return to the community and function. His mission is to get them ready for the outside world, beat the odds, as securing a Job and establishing real authentic relationships with friends and family can be challenging. He believes Returnee Citizens don’t let opportunities go, they work hard. He teaches them if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. He believes in the theory of “If you give a man a fish, you feed him for the day, but if you teach him how to fish you feed him for life.

According to him everybody is welcome in the program, no judgment zone, just believe in God. He has success story with the Returnee Citizens. He is being happily married for 2yr now. He is doing good for himself and a Strong Advocate for Returnee Citizens (Felons)His mission is to help as much Returnee Citizens as possible.

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