Renting a Family and Friends in Japan

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In Japan, a company by the name of Rent-a-Family Industry quickly grew in popularity with many people seeking to use its services to fill the empty space in their life. In an article written about this company, a mane by the name of Kazushige Nishida sought out the services of the company after suffering a huge blow in his life. First his daughter left home to never return, and six months after that, his wife passed away. This left Mr. Nishida feeling very lone for he missed the constant companionship. While his loneliness grew, he began checking out social media sites and other sites to try and find a way to end his loneliness, but none of the sites he found worked for him. Eventually he came across a site for a company called Family Romance, which allowed a person to rent a family. He decided to rent a wife and daughter for himself, because they reminded him so much of his own that he lost. The rented wife prepared meals for him just like his wife used to do, and though the daughter was a little more fashion forward then his daughter was, he enjoyed her company as well.

Was this enough to fill the loneliness in his heart? What would happen when the time with his rented family ran out? Would or could he extend the rental? Could he keep forcing himself onto this family that did not truly know him? In one way, the rental helped him with the emptiness he had felt inside, but would it outweigh the pain of reopening the feeling of loss when the rental was over?

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While finding a way to fill the emptiness inside is a step in the right direction of getting one’s life back on track, there are many other steps that need to be taken to completely get back on track. I have suffered losses in my life, and the thought of being able to rent a family to help fill that void sounds like a wonderful idea. The pain of loss haunts me every day, but I am not sure renting a family would really work to fill the void in my life. The pain is always going to be there, and even though renting a family could help fix that pain for a while, it will come back when the rental is over. The only real way to help fill the void would be to find a real family to live the rest of my life with instead of just a rental family that will eventually leave. I would feel guilty that the family I am renting is being forced to put up with me, and it would make me feel like I was using the family as slaves to fill my own life. I would be renting someone who would do chores around the house and would be forced to do what I want instead of what they want, which is basically human trafficking at a cost.

Being a person that is rented out would not be very pleasant either. I would constantly be forced to move from place to place and meet new people without really getting the chance to get to know the true them. The article stated that in 2009 a man was rented out about a hundred times as a husband with many of the rentiers even proposing to him. The renting of people also caused a spike in the crime rates. A person could rent a family only to turn around and kill them, or a killer could be someone who can be rented. It all caused much distrust, which threatened to shut down the company, but the company now has many methods to work around the problem.

If someone was to offer a chance to experience this service, as a single parent with a daughter, I would want to rent a husband with a son to help balance out my life for the short time they would be in it. I would make sure everyone got a say in what we ate and what activities we did, that way people who were rented would enjoy their time as well. I would still never fill the void though, but it would help fill it until a permanent fix could be found.

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