Deforestation Essay

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It’s very important to fight against deforestation. Every day more and more trees are being annihilated to make room for developments, and if something isn’t done to change it then the world will suffer for it. Trees are vitally important to the world’s ecosystem, as they provide oxygen. Trees produce oxygen naturally, and with all of the pollution contaminating the world, we need all the oxygen we can get. Trees can also actually improve air quality, since they create oxygen, they are essentially pumping out clean air.

Secondly, trees are also very important for helping to keep dirt in place. This may not sound like much, but this helps to stop erosion, and this in turn can help to prevent dust storms and the like. It also helps to anchor down other plants that could more easily be blown away by wind. Trees are an integral part of the world’s ecosystem; taking them away causes irreversible damage.

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Because of the advantages that trees give to the world, it is important that we negate the industries that are currently cutting them down. Places like the Amazon have already decreased several times in size due to deforestation, and it will only get worse. The fact is that demand cannot keep up with supply, and eventually the world will run out of trees. When the world runs out of trees there will be less oxygen, and the ecosystems will eventually collapse.

It isn’t just an issue of a few people or even animals, it is an issue that effects everyone. The trees are being depleted at an alarmingly accelerated rate, and at some point it will be too late to do anything about it. If people are able to even slow down deforestation, it would improve the quality of life all around the world. Deforestation is devastating to the ecosystem, and it needs to be stopped.

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