Development of the US Prison System

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The prison systems have undergone several changes and developments in the world. The major issues that were linked to the rapid changes were the increase populations of the prisoners, the increased technologies, the link between the criminals and the prison wardens. On the other side, these prison systems were also similar in a number of ways. The early prisons were characterized by poor sanitations in the houses which were built for the case of the increasing number of prisoners in the prison cells. This formed the basis of the transfer of diseases to the inmates. This was also characterized occasional killings of prisoners by others within the jail Cells (Rosen, D. L, et al. 2014)

The early cells gave room for correction in the course an individual while in the persons permitted the implication of corruption. There were poor methods of criminal rehabilitation of the media. This included the solitary confinement of the prisoners. Each prisoner was left in small rooms. All these were linked to the poor living conditions of the prisons which were primarily linked to the poor management strategies in the then prisons, while the need to develop the modern prisons was triggered by the increasing numbers of inmates (Zahler, 2008). The laws became stricter that the populations of the inmates increased drastically.

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The increasing populations led to the improvement of the conditions under which an offense was defined by the federal government and the rational and the comfort have led to the poor states of the prisons.
In the comparisons, all the two sets to prison were striving to correct the lives of the criminals so as to reduce the populations in the prisons, as well. In both instances the ration of the inmates to those of staff prisoner. Even at the present times, prisoners are confined within the cell as they wait for the court processes. The ancient and new prisoners share a few developmental aspects and others, differ at same time but the definitive objective is to correct the criminal (Relu & Mihaela, 2009).

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