Elizabeth Vigee’s Artwork Analysis

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Elizabeth Vigee Le Brun was born in 1755 is the daughter to a Jeanne maissin, a hairdresser and Louis Vigee, a pastelist and member of the artist guild. Upon completion of her early learning, her father took up the task of nurturing her artistic talent by taking her in his studio although his death in 1767 meant a massive blow for Vigee’s development (“Metropolitan Museum of Art”). Later, she enrolled in professional training where she had to support herself to get through the training. Despite the struggle in maintaining and succeeding in the studio, Vigee found success by linking up with Doyen and Davesne and later marrying Jean-Baptiste Pierre Le Brun, an art dealer in 1776.

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Analysis of ‘the self-portrait in a straw hat’ Painting
Vigee’s made an exceptional painting in 1782 which would turn as a great art exhibition for years to come. The painting ‘the self-portrait in a straw hat’ was a representation of intelligence, confidence and appealing input of art skills. The painting is an eclipse of determination and commitment in putting arts skills to work and speak out boldly to the society (Frank 89). More so, the painting draws closer attention to its simple and natural look although it is an exemplified statement of passion, skills, intelligence, and greatness in the life of art.

The painting expresses boldness and articulates an aesthetic attraction reach out to the society through art as a medium. Besides, the portrait is a revelation of a rough terrain that Vigee has endured on her way to reaching out to her dreams. The portrait carries in itself a simple expression in addition to a rare ambiance of appreciation and success (Frank 87). In essence, the context of the painting which is Vigee and her tools of work is a manifestation of using art skill to face the world and courteously overcome all the obstacles.

In summary, the self-portrait with a straw hat is a product of resilience and commitment to boldly expresses herself as a simple and natural emissary of talent and creativity. The painting is an exceptional piece of art, and there is no better way to presents yourself and sell the ability to the world as the way Vigee rocks on the self-portrait.

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