Empirical Vs. Aesthetic Critical Appraisal

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The strong traditional foundations of nursing have always focused on the ways of providing excellent healthcare. There are patterns which each nurse ought to know which include, ethics, personal, empirics and aesthetic. The empirical knowing mainly relates to the factual explanations, descriptions and predictions. The ethics have referred to the moral obligations, the desired ends and the values. The personal knowing have pertained the genuine relations between each patient and each nurse. The aesthetic knowing has shown the perception of the nurse to what is significant in the behavior of the patient in which it addresses the nursing skills artful performance (Terry, 2012).

The evidence based practice is the one which explores the empiric knowing ways, in which it focuses on the methods of appraising critically. There is also the applying of the available data and research in order to understand and make a better clinical decision which is informed. The evidence based practice has provided ways to address and frame the questions about patient care provision. Nurses ought to integrate the best research evidence which has patient values and clinical expertise.

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Application of empirical knowing: Health Information Technology is one of the trending methods that are currently applied to help the nursing institutions in receiving information from previous research studies. The information technology helps the nurses and other healthcare providers in making informed decisions and in getting evidences of various healthcare interventions. Healthcare information systems help the nursing institutions to identify the correct application of medical interventions and ideas. The evidence-based interventions and practices rely on proper information technology that offers comprehensive literature on previous application of methods.

Application of aesthetic knowing: the nurses should do a thorough research to have the skills required to know the behavior of the patients and how they can address them. Nurses have faced challenges in translating the best evidence to real clinical practice. Many questions have been occurring in todays nursing practice in that the aesthetic analysis should have supporting evidence.

Evidence based practice mostly pertains empirical knowing in which it focuses on critical appraising and application of available data and research in order to understand the process of clinical decision making more fully. The said guidelines are set to influence patient outcomes while at the same time bringing evidence based practice to nursing practice.

  • Terry, A. J. (2012). Clinical research for the doctor of nursing practice. Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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