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The volunteer management program in agriculture aims at promoting careers for the future graduates in the field. The Agricultural Management program provides graduates with a comprehensive education that will enable their future employment in production agriculture, agribusinesses, or agricultural product distribution. The program provides graduates with essential skills in livestock and crops, agribusiness management, accounting and finance, as well as marketing and technological innovation.

The Agricultural Management Program emphasizes on the key aspects of farming. The Program reveals the business side of agriculture by stressing on relevant communication, marketing and accounting strategies grounded on global and local strategies and policies deployed in agricultural industry.

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The Agricultural Management Program aims at graduates concerned about the agricultural technology advancement ranging from farm machinery to accounting software. The participants will learn about the impacts of environmental factors in food production, as well as feeding, fueling and livestock physiology. The program will boost the professional positions in Agricultural production, marketing, and finance.

The Agricultural Management Program prepares graduates for entry into careers assuming agricultural production management in agro-service and value-adding companies. Upon successful completion of this program, the learning outcomes involve:

(1) Development of professional communication skills with stakeholders;
(2) Development of enterprise plans and strategic goals;
(3) Application of problem solving strategies by means of agro-value chain;
(4) Application of project management skills to attain specific project outcomes;
(5) Appraisal of individual and group performance;
(6) Application of business principles to attain organizational goals;
(7) Assessment of opportunities on local and global agro-markets;
(8) Assessment of plant and animal production and processing systems;
(9) Assessment of technological appliances in producing and processing food and non-food agricultural products;
(10) Business plan development;
(11) Solution of production and management-related issues;
(12) Management of financial data and records;
(13) Application of livestock and crop production principles and practices;
(14) Implementation of feasible marketing strategies;
(15) Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements deployed in agro production and management;
(16) Involvement in land and water-resource stewardship practices;
(17) Socio-economic and environmental management of production decisions and processes;
(18) Agricultural development management with the use of cutting-edge technologies;
(19 Agricultural equipment management; and
(20) Utilization of technologies related to agro production and management.

The graduates will acquire essential concepts and skills in agro business management. The learned approaches and tools will ensure proper background for sound business decisions related to functional aspects of organizational performance.

Priority areas and evaluation
The Program involves the following subsections: agribusiness accounting, crop production, animal agriculture, agricultural business management, workplace communication, marketing in agriculture, agribusiness information technology, machinery and technology, crop management, advanced product marketing, and agribusiness financial management.

The Agricultural Production is part of the Program aimed at graduates intending to involve in a production enterprise. Graduates will gain knowledge about the ways markets and consumer preferences affect agricultural production. The curriculum will assess the issues of agricultural environment management and sustainability related to ecosystems, soil and water management, carbon sequestration and soil conservation strategies.

The Agricultural Finance is part of the Program aimed at agricultural finance and lending. Graduates will gain essential skills in the operation of trust companies, chartered banks, credit unions, as well as other lending institutions. The curriculum will assess legal and regulative issues, financial management, as well as budgeting and asset valuation.

The Agricultural Marketing is part of the Program preparing graduates for the marketing and sales in agribusiness. The emphasis is on the customer service skills. The curriculum will assess customer relationship management and applied sales, promotions and commodity pricing planning.

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