Ethics of Abortion

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Abortion is one of the most controversial ethical topics, which is the reason I have selected this topic for research. The reason it is so controversial is because people feel very strongly about its implications. Those who support abortion rights believe that life does not begin until birth, and therefore, an abortion is not the same thing as taking a life. The reason an abortion might be committed is because a woman should have the right to choose whether to give birth or not. Sometimes, a pregnancy might be the result of a sexual assault, and requiring the woman to give birth under such circumstances is unethical and can potentially ruin the woman’s life.

Even in instances where this is not the case, supporters of abortion rights believe that only a woman should decide whether to have an abortion or not, and this is not the role of the government to decide. On the other hand, those who oppose abortion do so for the fundamental belief that life begins at conception, the moment an embryo is created, and therefore the right to life should apply for a fetus still in the womb. Their view on abortion is essentially that an abortion is murder. This can naturally create very strong feelings either way, depending on whether one believes that life begins at birth, or life begins at conception.

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The reason I am choosing this topic is therefore to provide myself with a better understanding of how and why the debate over abortion rights has evolved over time, and because it is such a challenging topic. There are no easy answers, and many moderates will have a middle-of-the-ground approach, such as allowing for abortions under only certain circumstances. My goal is to explore all of these issues and to make sense of the controversy.

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