Force Table Questions

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Question one
The lab involves a demonstration to help in gaining experience in working with vector quantities. The lab adds several factors to form one resultant vector. The instrument that is used is called the Force Table. The Force Table has pulleys, a ring, and a pair string. To the center of the Force Table, a ring will be placed around a pin and consequently strings attached to the ring will pull it in different directions.

Question two
Cartesian coordinates are used to mark points mostly by how far along and how far they are. For instance, take the Cartesian coordinate (x, y). This will define a point where we start from the origin and move x units horizontally and y units vertically. Polar coordinates on the other hand are used to mark a point with regards to its angle and how far way it is. To convert the Cartesian coordinates to polar form we make use of a right angle triangle with two known sides. Alternatively, to convert from polar coordinates to Cartesian coordinates will involve using a right angle triangle with known long side and angle.

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Question three
For such a case, application of Newton’s second law will be the most appropriate. The main factor to be considered here is the role of mass. A force applied to an object will produce a completely different motion compared to the same amount of force applied to an object of low mass.

Question four
To calculate the magnitude of a vector we use Pythagorean Theorem. Pythagorean Theorem helps us to obtain the expression for the magnitude of its components. For instance Vector a=(a_1,a_2) the vector will be the hypotenuse of a right angle triangle with the legs a_1 anda_2. Therefore, the length of the vector will be given by ‖a‖ = √(〖a_1〗^2+ ) 〖a_2〗^2

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