Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio

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The Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio was designed by the famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright is known as one of the most influential architects in the Untied States and the world. His fundamental works include the home Fallingwater (1935), the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (1959) and main buildings and annexes of the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo during the 1920s. (Twombly, 129) Wright described his own work as “organic architecture”, an approach that emphasizes the structure’s unity with its environment. (Lesau, 4)

The Home and Studio located at 951 Chicago Avenue Oak Park, Illinois is notable for its bold and creative vision of what architecture should be, while representing some of the key motifs that would mark Lloyd’s approach, for example, in the organization of the public entry and the reception room. It employs a “continual compression of space…before expansion at the main activity space, that typifies much of Wright’s mature design.” (Storrer, 6)

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From the perspective of utility, the work, following Wright’s concept of organic architecture tries to invoke harmony. Therefore, there is a pragmatic quality to the work: the house is meant to be a part of its surroundings and work with these surroundings. At the same time, such harmony does not mean that one cannot be creative. This is evident from the design itself in its uniqueness, for example, its layered effect comprised of different levels and structures. At the same time, the house presents a very simplistic and unpretentious design, further emphasized by his use of raw-textured materials, such as wood shingles and brick.

The work reflects the time in which it was built in the sense that it represented a period of artistic freedom in architecture. Architecture was entering modernism and this meant new approaches to traditional architectural concepts. Wright’s work is a reflection of this creativity. On a more local scale, such as the significance of the building to Chicago, Wright’s work is important, serving as a landmark to architectural creativity in the city. By being the location of an acknowledged architectural master’s work, Chicago emerges on the map of world architecture.

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