Soumaya Museum Analysis

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The Soumaya museum is master piece that has its location on an anterior industrial zone. The industrial zone has a historical background from as early as the 1940’s and today bestows an immense commercial aptitude. Soumaya museum plays a prominent role in reconversion of the area in which it is situated as a distinguished cultural program. The museum acts as an architect in the revolution of the urban slant. Moreover, its institutional eminence actuates the public area with functionalities other than mercantile and accords the novel neighborhood the urban force it needed. The avant-garde typology and morphology express a novel archetype in the architectural history of Mexico and the entire world. The museum has an assortment of private and public programs that include; the library, gift-shop, 350 seat auditorium, administrative offices and a multi-purpose lounge (designboom | architecture & design magazine, 2010, N. p).

The objective of the Soumaya museum was to formulate a novel identity for the site that encompasses both resilient iconic and urban presence. In order to achieve this, the museum was formulated as a spinning sculptural edifice that is both a figure and part of the city. Linking the programs is a non-linear circulation region. The zone establishes places of interaction for visitors along a mutual path as they amble through the building, capping in a naturally lit multi-purpose gallery on the top floor. The shell of the building is built with twenty-eight steel curved columns of discordant diameters. Each of the diameters has its own shape and geometry that produce the soft non-linear circulation throughout the building (Arcspace.com, 2012, N. p).

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The Kunsthaus Graz museum displays unique lighting. At night the entire structure of the Kunsthaus Graz glows by the means of computerized lighting system that is under the transparent skin. The huge tube like nozzles that act as the windows sticking out of the curved roof, point northwards but let in very little light. Additional spiral-shaped neon lights achieve the original function of the skylights. When the lights are switched off, the dark color of the more than a thousand acrylic glass panels takes over. Transparency has ensued in a hermetically closed independent object. The amazing structure and lighting of the Kunsthaus Graz museum brings out the perception of an outer space creature (austria.info, 2015, N. p).

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