Postmodernism Is an Accurate Description of Contemporary Western Culture

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In today’s technologically developed society, plenty of mass communication media influence the social and cultural lives of people, indicating that postmodernism is an accurate description of contemporary Western culture. It is apparent that individuals are interested in the aspects of information, entertainment, and communication, and this means that the process of seeking information and maintaining particular interactions is both challenging and reinforcing. The most important tendency in this relation is the convergence of mass communication, which has numerous positive effects on personal and professional ambitions of people. The objective of this essay is to discuss that postmodernism is an accurate description of contemporary Western culture.

Information is a rather broad concept that has various meanings reflected in everyday usage or specific technical settings. Entertainment is identified as any activity that permits individuals to amuse themselves in an appropriate time and place. The concept of communication is associated with the process of transferring information from one entity to another. It is clear that the concepts of information, entertainment, and communication differ, but their relation with technology is similar. By considering the mentioned aspects, individuals should think that information, entertainment, and communication are converging in today’s dynamic society (Butler 18). The various means of mass communication media deliver enjoyable experiences to people, who seek different types of information as well as interacting with one another through social networks. In the twenty-first century, the convergence between the mentioned three concepts is associated with a growing tendency for evolvement of different technological systems, with the utmost goal to perform similar tasks. The various modes of communication, information, and entertainment are subjected to continuous, enhanced reforms that present to people numerous ways of learning and engaging in social interactions (Butler 29).

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Communication is a necessary component for seeking information and participating in any entertainment activities. Therefore, the three concepts are interrelated, as the main idea is to provide effective service delivery to customers. The channels of mass communication media obviously rely on innovation and creativity in attempts to attract a significant number of consumers. The aspect of technological convergence is emerging as a specific way to ensure the benefits of technological and communication revolution in modern society.

In general, convergence refers to multidimensional media interactions, which implies that the way we consume and interact has completely changed. The evolution of the Internet definitely prompted the appearance of various mass communication media, focused on the interrelations between computing and information technologies, and particular communication networks. For that reason, the Internet serves as a reliable example of technological convergence owing to its capacities of being used for communication and faster access to appropriate information (Taylor and Winquist 42). Individuals can use the Internet for educational or entertainment purposes as well as for a major means of socialization and communication with people from all over the world. Other examples of mass communication media’s convergence include the television, radio, and newspapers. They demonstrate their important role of mediums through which people can access news and certain entertainment activities. These days, all the mediums have converged into one and persons from different parts of the world can read news on the Internet. In addition, individuals can watch videos and television shows on the Internet, download and listen to music. Moreover, media convergence should not be solely perceived as a challenging technological process. It is also associated with cultural and social changes that prompt individuals to search for new and more relevant information. Therefore, the term convergence as related to media interactions can be defined as a specific way of interaction among people on a social level (Powell 87). These individual consumers use different media platforms and models in order to create new, unique, and reinforcing experiences as well as appropriate media content. Another relevant example of media convergence is represented by mobile phones that incorporate numerous media functions such as digital cameras, voice recorders, and music players.

Indeed, this postmodern convergence transformed mass communication in ways of making it more personal-centered, efficient, dynamic, and social. The media conglomerates apparently introduce new technologies and features so that they can remain competitive in the world market, but for the ordinary consumer, such mass communication convergence means having more and effective features in less space. This postmodern convergence also transformed my social interactions in both personal and professional aspects, as this is an integral part of Western culture. The Internet revolution has changed my life in a positive direction because it provided plenty of ways of communication and interacting with others as well as finding adequate information (Powell 48). My social interactions increased, which means that I made many friends online with whom I can share different ideas, interests, and hobbies. The emerging technological convergence acquired immense importance in my personal life, as I feel the freedom to communicate over the Internet and mobile phones. In addition, I benefited from such technological convergence of mass media communication in a professional context. For instance, I completed several educational courses online, which is a proof of modern technologies’ flexibility and accessibility. I can find important information about universities or educational programs for professional development and realization. Indeed, I cannot imagine my social life without the influence of mass communication and the Internet. These aspects are inseparable part of my social interactions influenced by the rapidly developing technologies (Butler 42). Even if I feel frustrated or confused, I think that the available information in the media can help me regain my confidence and encourage me to pursue new objectives that can contribute to my professional growth. Therefore, the elements of technological convergence in mass communication media are rather helpful in terms of future ambitions.

People definitely are interested in improving the social and cultural dimensions of their interactions in Western culture. With the help of technologies, they can benefit from the postmodern convergence of various mass communication media. Yet it is important to consider the emerging differences between information, entertainment, and communication so that individuals can comprehend new, effective ways of entertaining, learning, and interacting. Our current society is full of examples of technological divergence such as the television, radio, newspapers, the Internet, and mobile phones. These types of media interactions contribute to the development of a rather dynamic society that focuses on the importance of dealing with open-minded, knowledgeable people, who always seek new information, entertainment activities, and reliable experiences.

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