Fresh And Clean Water

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The business plan intends to provide rain fresh, clean water to villagers and the more rural population. The development of the business plan requires governmental approval and infrastructural system implementation to the areas in the rural areas. Furthermore, realization of the business plan in providing fresh, clean water incorporates the use of resources and training services relevant for the implementation of the new system that will be handed over to the government of India after completion. Besides, rain fresh company intends to apply innovative technologies that handle real-world customer needs based on clean water availability (Lu 2). The plan will support the provision of water filtration services as part of water treatment processes that enable millions of people to access water. Additionally, the business plan aims at implementing products which will successfully realize provisions of clean and safe drinking water through processing and apply water food services aspects to enable for the supply of fresh, clean water to the villagers and the internal rural population.

Product innovation and technology in the plan incorporates water treatment processes that supply water to residential consumers and commercial services to the public. The plan implements vary products and technologies that assist consumers to regulate water treatment problems and handle challenges by applying ideas and thinking strategies which are trusted and valuable through technological experiences and implementation of proprietary products in the process of clean water provision. Furthermore, the business plan intends to provide quality water services by allowing integration of technologies, functionality and the implementation of product engineering services (Lu 4). The quality of water services provided in the business plan through Rain fresh company entails certification by the CSA International and Water Quality Association to confirm standards and support production within quality assurance systems.

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The business plan will ensure that residential products in the fresh water supply are provided that include filter cartridges, water test kit, and faucets. On the other hand, commercial and industrial use of fresh water in the villagers will require the use of products such as commercial UV systems, chlorination systems, commercial water softeners’, commercial tanning filters and cyst filtration systems. Based on emergency and disaster relief in the village, the business plan will need to use products such as bucket gravity filters, siphon filter, and aquaria response units. Moreover, provision of fresh water to the villagers and the rural population will require the business plan to implement fresh water products for the food services that incorporate espresso water filters, steam oven filters, vending machine filters and hot beverage water filters (Lu 4). The products and filters are the relevant products necessary for the provision of clean water services to the villagers and the rural population. The business plan ensures that all people receive the right treatment in the delivery of clean and quality water to the population and the surrounding environment. The products included in the business plan for each category makes it safe and reliable for the villagers to access clean water, which is good for health and domestic use.

Fresh, clean water to the villagers and the rural population incorporates the provision of water for residential, commercial, disaster relief and food service systems. The plan ensures that residents and the villagers receive clean, safe and great tasting water that is good for home and cottage services. On the other hand, food services systems in the business plan entail the development and implementation of filtration systems used in commercial kitchens and restaurants to provide healthy and quality services for food systems. Finally, the business plan implements all the necessary products relevant through technology for the provision of fresh water services (Lu 5).

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