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Over the years, the emergence of new technologies has seen the growth and development of the Information Technology (IT). Ideally, IT is an industry that focuses on the development of both software and hardware products which are used to store, exchange, and create data such as conversations, business information, pictures, films, and written information (Reese, 2009). This is done through the creation of applications which in any case allows a user to carry out a specific task depending on the operating controls created for the app. Each operating system has apps which can run on a computer, laptop, tablet, and smart phone (Sitaram & Manjunath, 2012). The demand for more efficient forms of technology has resulted in the investment in cloud applications that can be used to host a large and small data depending on the user. The move to cloud computing marks the latest trend in the industry which requires for efficient software management and performance (Antonopoulos & Gillam, 2010). 

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The Purpose of Google Cloud Application
There are many ways in which the Google cloud application assists users when creating, storing, sharing, and transferring data. Notably, technology continues to define various industries and sectors in a growing economy. For example, the banking industry relies on IT services in order to provide efficient services to their customers. To add on, the competitive nature of the industry serves as a driving force in terms of creating the latest forms of technology (Sitaram & Manjunath, 2012). As such, the purpose of the Google cloud platform is intended to allow users to create both complex and simple websites. Currently, one of the trends in all developing sectors is the demand of personalized websites which ensure that each business, website, blog, and online business is personalized to meet the demands of the targeted market niche. The Google application once again encourages programmers to write applications using the common programming languages such as Java, Python, Go, and PHP to develop specified languages (Reese, 2009).

The cloud platform provides reliable forms of storage for users by allowing them to host large forms of data. Google clouds take advantage of traffic splitting which in turn enables users to try various versions of the applications (Antonopoulos & Gillam, 2010). 

Changes it has brought about to Users
The technology industry is very competitive owing to the creating of new technologies on a routine basis. Therefore, most technologies have a short lifespan of about 2 to 5 years depending on their significance in the market and the IT sector. In essence, cloud computing is one of the technologies in IT which allows users to personalize their information and data to their personal needs. This is credited to the demand of convenience, efficiency, and effectiveness of software. The Google cloud platform has introduced changes which encourage users to own their own websites without worrying about the management of the administration of their database. Moreover, users have the ability to take advantage of newly introduced technologies by the company (Sitaram & Manjunath, 2012). 

Ideally, most of the changes are centered on encouraging cloud users to create software that is reliable and user friendly. One of the main strategies of Google cloud application is to create systems that make it easy for users to manage their programs, servers, websites, and software. The development of the industry has realized the need for users to start their own cloud accounts (Antonopoulos & Gillam, 2010). This is done by using a programming language which is suitable for the cloud in question. In line with the latest trends, more and more people are creating their own apps with the intention of targeting a specific market demographic or improving their website performance. People can thus start their own search engine with the help of the Google cloud application depending on their requirements (Sitaram & Manjunath, 2012).

Users can now increase the performance of their businesses in terms of the speed, accessibility, and efficiency due to the company’s investments in more storage space. Cloud applications represent the latest forms of software storage making them the preferred form of business venture. The changes allow users to maximize on their talents owing to the company’s strategy which places emphasis on improving their creations. This makes the Google cloud app the preferred choice for both new and old consumers (Reese, 2009). 

Uses and Future Enhancements
Each day, a new invention and innovation is introduced in the IT industry. In fact, the lifespan of both computer hardware and software continues to reduce due to the observation of consumer requirements. The Google cloud application focuses on the changes in the industry by performing market researches which appeal to the company’s better performance. One of the enhancements involves making the cloud more user friendly (Antonopoulos & Gillam, 2010). 

To conclude, despite the fact that the company places emphasis on the usability of its software, most of the targeted markets are becoming more interested in owning their own search engines, software, websites, and blogs. As such, future technologies focus on creating clouds which offer more storage options and user friendly applications to host the wide array of users.

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