Google Management Analysis

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There is usually no one particular way of managing an organization. Different organizations use different styles that mainly depend on certain situations such as the work they are involved in. There are very many types of management styles but this paper will mainly focus on the Google’s chaos management style. This type of management style has been advocated for with great emphasis in the 21st century.

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Usually in the past, chaos was something that the management would not have tolerated within the organization. It is admirable to see how far the organizations have come since then. This papers main objective is to look into the Google’s chaos management style and find out how popular it has become since then (Donald, 1983). We cannot ignore the changes that the technology has brought about in the world we live in. to some extent it has brought about chaos because in the past there was only one mode of doing one thing; right now there are a dozen to choose from. Therefore this style is quite timely in the 21st century. It somehow helps to organize the chaos around us to some form of sensible information that can be used to benefit the organization in the long run. We cannot mention chaos management without including the Google in the term.

Google’s chaos management style is a popularized type of management advocated by one of the world’s leading media company; Google. This type of management believes in setting the employees free so that they can deliver the best through their initiative. It highly emphasizes on non interference of the management to the employees thus setting their minds free to innovate new ideas that will later benefit the company. Google is one of the world’s fastest growing companies and it owes a lot of its growth to the employees. Therefore due to this, Google believes that their management shall finally be adopted by many companies in the future because there will come a time when the organizations shall need to keep up with the highly knowledgeable employees lifestyles.

Just because the style is chaotic does not meant that the management needs to adopt it carelessly. It is important to communicate to the employees about the main mission that the style is supposed to achieve. It is important for the organization to understand the extent in which their market can expand and the employees passion to reach that market. Lack of such communication could lead to devastating results (Donald, 1983). In real sense, Google’s chaotic style uses the resources that most organizations consider as stumbling blocks to success to achieve their goals. This helps them to use their full energy on areas that give the most benefits. It is obvious that any company would want to become what Google has become today, something which they seem to do so effortlessly. Most of the traditional methods of management are no longer effective today and it is a high time that the organizations switch to what will work for them.

Management Styles
There are a variety of management styles in use today and they include:

This can also be termed as the dictatorship form of management. The employees have no role to play in the decision making of the organization. Most of the actions taken by the company usually reflect on the manager. Due to the authority that the management has, the employees are usually disciplined in a way that adheres to the rules of the company. To such an organization, the employees are just a tool that gets the work don and can be replaces at any time.

This type of management style involves the majority of employees. They are allowed to communicate fully and there is no decision that is made within the company that is done without involving them. In cases where the company has different departments, the department heads are called in to represent their members.

This type of style usually places the management in the level that they can be able to be consulted for guidance or decision making when need be (Jamshid, 2006). When the employees are given certain goals that are required by the company, it is usually up to them to find out ways that will ensure that the goals are reached. This is not the most suitable style of management due to the communication that takes place through the unofficial channels.

Although this style is dictatorial and does not involve employees in any of the decision making within the company, the management spends a lot of time trying to convince the organization why the decisions made are the best for the organization as a whole.

Fun at work
The highly motivated employees tend to be the most productive at work. Having a chaotic style like that of goggle ensure that the employees are not restricted traditionally formal kind of a working environment. It sets them free to dress as they wish and to have fun while still at work. While this may seem as a big risk to many, it produces the most motivated employees around. In return they get to believe in their company and its products such that they do their best to make individual impact on the company.

Team work
They greatly believe in team work because the company provides a free wall-less kind of an office where people can freely interact as they work. This helps eliminate the class kind of mentality that places some individuals on higher level than the others. The employees are therefore able to be the most productive they can be without the fear of answering to a superior figure. They view their bosses as people they can share their ideas with and interact professionally without any form of barrier.

Healthy working culture
When an employee in a chaotic style of management is constantly involved in the decision making and the innovation of the organization’s products; it becomes a cohesive group that matches together for the productivity of the organization. This kind of a working culture is ingrained to all employees such that they do not view themselves as individuals but as part of a big fraternity that they have to develop to meet all the goals required.

The chaotic management style is a type of management that has been adopted as the management style of choice in the 21st century fast paced world of technology. The Google’s chaotic style of management has helped many graduates within the organization to settle within the organization with ease because of the informality involved. The fact that there is open communication enables the employees and the managers to transfer ideas which have helped grow the company very fast. Although this style was initially introduced in 1988), it seemed misplaced back in the day since most organizations wanted the tidiest of procedures in the working environment. However this does not mean that the chaos styles of management has been a smooth ride, there have been a lot of criticism that has come with it. Most critics claim that the process will not be able to stand the test of time. Despite the critics, the Google chaotic style of management is still working in the favor of the organization and many companies have adopted it.

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