Handling of Sexiest Behavior

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Different individuals in the society use various methods to solve societal problems. The appropriate ways of handling the societal problems depend on various factors. For instance, the method employed will depend on the formal setup of the community. Thus those in the formal sector will handle problems in a different way to those in the informal bureaucracy. The paper analyzes the different ways that members of a society in the same work place propose to handle sexiest behavior in the work place. The sexiest behavior involves recently hired coworkers engaging in conversations inappropriate for the work place. For instance, they made crude sexual references about other employees, shared images and graphics of sexiest nature and told sexiest jokes.

The first key player is the manager of student employees Shirley Wright. Shirley adopts a formal approach in handling the matter. She requires substantiation of the claims made against the other coworkers. The comment she makes reduce the chances of filing a formal complaint against the coworkers. Even though I would like the coworkers to be reprimanded for their sexiest behavior, the punishment she prescribes in the formal process is harsh. The coworker’s employment will be terminated and their financial aid may be put in jeopardy consequently. I do not agree with this punishment but instead suggest other forms of punishment. For instance, the coworkers can be asked to apologize to those that their sexiest behavior targeted and/or be suspended from the workplace.

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I do agree with Ron Des Vue perspective where he recommends a word with the coworkers involved in the sexiest behavior. This informal action will express my view on the sexiest behavior. I will also articulate the probable punishment for their actions if they continue with that sexiest behavior and I report them to the boss. Informing them that their actions offend people in the work place may result in a change of their behavior without them facing dire consequences that the formal sector stipulates.

Hugh Jim Bissell suggests the recording of the individuals and using the recording to threaten them without reporting to the boss. He hopes this will deter them from engaging in the sexiest behavior. I do not agree with this method. This is because the threat would only act as deterrence in my presence. The individuals may not be remorseful and may continue with their habits when they know am not around. Recording their conversation as evidence is only appropriate in the event that I seek to proceed with the formal action of filing complaints. The recordings will hence serve to substantiate my claims.

I do not agree with Frieda Choose’s advice that ‘boys will be boys’ and that there is a general expectation that men will behave badly. Her suggestion that as long as the sexiest talk is private, I should ignore is also misplaced.. If the sexiest behavior is allowed to proceed, it might promote gender hatred and prevent harmony between coworkers in the work place. Since the formal bureaucracy has a set of punishment for the behavior, failing to take action will make me an accomplice of the crime. Condoning the vice the way Frieda does only serves the purpose of promoting the behavior in the workplace. I think Frieda distinguishes between sexiest and racist remarks because she is of a minority race. She is also willing to go straight to the boss or even higher up above boss if the talk was racist. Racist talk affects her. She is selfish only ready to address a societal wrong if she ends up being affected.

The organization in the scenario has a problem. Coworkers engaging in sexiest behavior mean that the organization has not developed a culture that will prevent such bad behaviors. Employees also have varied views on different ways of addressing the vice. The organization should educate and train workers on how they should behave towards their other colleagues.

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