How Not To Succeed In A Canadian Law School

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In all honesty, it seems like a fairly easy task to not succeed in a Canadian law school. First of all, admission requirements to law school are especially stringent with potential students being required to go through various testing procedures for character, etc., in addition to excelling in their academic programs and studying for then completing the LSAT. Some opponents of the system, suggest the requirements are not only just rigorous but place barriers for certain individuals that would like to become attorneys. These types of criticisms are beyond the scope of this article, but it does seem to be quite simple not to be successful in a Canadian law program if one wishes to deliberately damage their particular career choice. It certainly is counterproductive and would waste a lot of money and time for this endeavor.

As this article is about not succeeding in law school, analysis or discussion of the admission process will be largely ignored as it does have some impact on the future success of a legal career, but a student has to step foot in the door before they can decide how to proceed. Parts of the admission process are helpful to a future legal career in regards to establishing connections or mentors that may provide insight or employment opportunities in the future. Therefore, if a student really is determined to be successful in law school, the first step they should take is not to cement any such relationships. They should not be openly hostile to said legal professionals but keeping to oneself instead of reaching out for help is definitely the correct path to follow if you do not want to succeed in law school.

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Once a student has gained entrance into law school, they will attend classes that require extensive writing, researching and critical thinking skills. Obviously in order for them to attend law school, they must have developed some of these skills previously through their undergraduate work and extra-curricular activities, but if a student does not want to succeed in law school, they should not complete the required readings. When they called upon in class, if they do not know the answers to the questions, they certainly will not do well. In addition, they also should not spend too much time honing their writing skills. If a student cannot case briefs or write memos, legal pleadings or put together case information, they will not succeed in law school.

The ability to think critically is another requirement for Canadian lawyers. If a student simply does not put any time into the work or refuses to analyze the problems presented to them, they certainly will not attain good grades in their law school coursework. Also, if a student does not learn the appropriate techniques for legal research they will not graduate from law school. This is a necessary component of the legal profession, as case work and studies are a requirement to compose an excellent argument. Without this ability, a lawyer or law school student will inevitably fail.

The final behavior a student can engage in to secure their failure in law school is similar to what was first mentioned in this article and that was developing relationships. These relationships are not only with mentors, teachers, professionals for employment such as internships and other members of the legal community, but other students. If a law school student does not take the time to establish these relationships with others around him or her, they will not complete the law school requirements satisfactorily and will never advance to a successful legal career. Like any other profession, the law can be close knit and who you know does help when it comes to a career. If a student refuses to or is unable to develop these relationships, it will be a long and winding road to career satisfaction. In closing, why a student would want to fail in law school is mind boggling, but with the competition nature of law school and law in general as well as the expense, it would seem like a very costly way to waste time.

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