Quebec Independence Movement

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The present dynamics surrounding Scotland’s referendum for independence is a very same experience in what is taking place in Quebec, Canada. Both Scotland and Quebec share several and the same striking similarities regarding their argument for independence such as economic and political independence. The contentious issue against their independence is the potential financial and economic implications the secession will cause in their mother nations. Quebec’s quest for independence is a test of Canada’s liberal-democracy in the face of the world where Canada is regarded as one of the most democratic nations in the world.

It is rare to notice independence referendums in liberal-democracies. Quebec is one of the main few and comparable experienced in the liberal-democracies. It is evident that Quebec’s independence will come at a price for Canada because of the financial and political implications Canada will encounter in North America and the rest of the world. During a recent referendum, the whole of Quebec almost voted yes. This caused contentious questions among the Canadians where some suggested that Quebec should be partitioned. However, the Quebecers, regard the partition as dangerous, undemocratic, nonviable and contrary to the law. They consider it as a precedent move that might threaten the geopolitical balance in North America.

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Quebec’s independence might result in several geopolitical impacts in North America and the rest of the world; an independent Quebec would sever Canada’s four provinces of New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. Canada will feel cut adrift by the independence of some of its geographical areas. Politically, Quebec’s independence can survive capital flight, adjustment, and exchange-rate fluctuation in a short period and a low growth rate in the long term. The presence of English speaking and French speaking might cause a separation between the two groups ending up in each creating city-states of their own.

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