Presentation Draft about Justin Trudeau

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Dear fellows,

Today, I would like to share the story about the current Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau. You may know that he is the young Prime Minister Canada has ever had. You may also know that his father Pierre Trudeau also held a position of the Prime Minister in the country. But here, I would like to share some facts about him and his personality that will help me analyze what helped him reach the position he is currently holding.

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Justin Trudeau did not have an exceptional childhood. He was born in Ottawa and went to school there. Later, he studied at McGill University and did not seem to be a public figure. The first time he appeared as a public figure and caught a lot of attention to his personality was while delivering a eulogy at his father’s funeral. Since then, the media attention grew to a rising star and a charismatic leader that would fifteen years later become a Prime Minister of one of the most economically stable countries in the world.

The process of building a public profile for Justin Trudeau was rather long. He was advocating for different social issues on the Canadian TV shows and was become more and more popular. Later on, the year 2008 became a real starting point for him and his political career. He was elected to represent the riding of Papineau in the Canadian House of Commons. His last name and the heritage of knowledge gained from his father facilitated the entrance to politics for Justin Trudeau. One year later, in 2009, he was appointed a critic from the Liberal party of Canada on the issues of youth and multiculturalism, later on a critic for immigration and citizenship. Gradually, his profile and expertise were expanding, as he was appointed as critique for secondary education and amateur sports. A wide range of expertise provided a solid ground for Trudeau and his latter political career.

You may be asking yourselves when a turning point in the political career of Justin Trudeau took place. It would be naturally for a young and ambitious politician to gain a leadership in his party. That is what happened to Justin Trudeau in 2013, when he gained the leadership in the party, previously ruled by his father. After gaining the leadership position within the Liberal party, the momentum for coming back to power was suitable. Now, as Justin Trudeau become the Prime Minister, not only it symbolizes his connection to the policies carried out by the Liberal party at the time when his father was in charge of the country.

Maybe, you are not all aware, but when the Liberal party came to power now, the party increased the largest increase of numbers by a party in the General election in Canada. However, the charismatic personality of Justin Trudeau and his ability to bring change to the country that experienced a long and recent history of the conservative rule, the return was truly symbolic.

While being in power, Justin Trudeau changed a lot of policies that were previously introduced by the Conservative party. For instance, he currently advocated for numerous changes in the domestic policy of Canada. Recently, he has paid a lot of attention to a more liberal policy domestically. Additionally, he tries to keep a balanced position in the international arena, too. He managed to maintain a good partnership with different countries around the world.

Overall, dear fellows, Justin Trudeau remains a charismatic leader who is worth following in many regards. Even if you do not agree with his policies, you may learn what charisma means from him.

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