How We Met

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I will always be grateful to a family friend who introduced us because she had an intuitive feeling we will end up being a great match. Later events, indeed, proved our family friend correct. It took us months to arrange our first face-to-face meeting but not a day went by during that time period when we didn’t either talk to each other through phone or flirted through the social media because this is how modern romance takes place.

Months of digital communication had convinced us the first meeting will go smoothly yet we were both anxious before the first face-to-face meeting in San Jose. We did not realize it at the time but we had already fallen in love before the first meeting and it would take spending few days in each other’s company to help us realize that. There is a temptation to be at our best behavior when we want to impress someone but we made a mutual pledge to reveal our true selves. Both of us suggested activities we could engage in and it did not take us long to realize how much similar we were. We engaged in a diverse range of fun activities such as hiking, food adventures, outdoor picnic, and watching classic Hollywood movies. We could sense the incredible chemistry between us and we had to courage to admit it. Even after I returned from San Jose, I could not stop thinking about her. Finally, I decided to do something that revealed the depth of my love, i.e. I left my job and moved to San Jose to be with her.

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I proposed on February 14th because it only seemed appropriate to confess the desire to spend my whole life with her on a day that is dedicated to the sacred emotion of love. Life has been quite good to me but it was never as generous as it was on February 14th when the love of my life acknowledged my feelings with a magical ‘YES’.

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