Humankind Throughout the Ages

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Although humanity has progressed greatly throughout the course of history, in this day and age, humanity has started regressing rather than progressing. Humanity today no longer cares for things regarding nature. They destroy it for selfish reasons, oblivious to the fact that without nature, humans are unable to survive on this earth.

During The Renaissance, art was much more appreciated than it is today; because of access to what technology has to offer, such as computers, most people are not willing to go to a museum and view the art that was once so greatly admired. In The Renaissance things involving, literature, philosophy, art, music, religion, and politics were all improved. In today’s era, the main thing that humans have been able to successfully improve upon has been technology; which shows that we are no longer in touch with the intellectual side of things as we once were. Most people today are more likely to spend their time on a computer, than read a book that could benefit their minds greatly.

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When it comes to certain things such as racism and equality, along with human rights, humanity has progressed greatly. However, when it comes to things regarding morality or things related to the environment, humans have regressed. Humanity today also has some individuals who carry themselves loosely, and with no self-respect. If this were utilized hundreds of years ago, the person would be an individual that one would want to be seen with.

Although humans have definitely progressed immensely, it is also undeniable that humans may now also be regressing.

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