Impact of the Sun on Earth’s Systems

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The most recent studies have indicated that about 1,360 watts per square meters (W/m2) of solar energy are directed to the outside atmosphere of the Earth. However, it is not only the amount of energy that reaches the Earth’s surface that matters but also what the heat and the Sun itself does to the Earth’s surface (Lübken 163 – 165).

According to Weier and Cahalan, the Sun is very important to the Earth. This is because, without the heat and the light from it, the world would be a circular lifeless ice-coated rock (par 2). The heat from the Sun warms the seas, the atmosphere, and the earth waters. The warming then proceeds to generate the weather patterns and gives the plants energy, and that provides food and oxygen.

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Moreover, the Sun’s warming of the earth makes life possible as quoted from Weier and Cahalan, “the Sun warms the Earth and makes life possible” (par. 1). That claim means that the Sun contributes immensely to the sustenance of life on earth. Even though the serious study of the universe’s central star is still in its early stages, there are confirmed reports that the Sun’s energy is crucial in the weather and climate patterns.

Consequently, in the process of examining the way the earth reacts, to the internal changes, scientific experts have identified that the climatic changes are not just affected by the greenhouse gases but also by the reactions of the sun (Batty par.3). OSU.EDU has indicated that “At the equator, the intensity of the Sun’s ray is constant and the length of the day does not change; hence, spring, summer, fall, and winter do not exist” (n.p). This finding further indicates that the sun does not just affect the climate, but it also affects the time in various corners of the earth.

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