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A recent experience at work became a journey of self-discovery during which I learned how resilient I can be. My organization was recently faced with an arduous task of achieving compliance to a regulatory guideline within a very limited time frame. Failure to comply would have meant closing down an important loss management function (recovery of overdue payments). The situation entailed intensive action with very limited resources, and I was tasked to manage the project. After failing to achieve the desired outcome with a process we thought was the best, we were left with very little time to the deadline. With the task becoming increasingly challenging, the leadership team began planning for the worst-case scenario. However, with great team-work (people I carefully chose to be the part of the team), creative thinking (developed a training film) and intensive lobbying for the leaders to accept and fund our new solution, we achieved a better than expected outcome. Our solution became a model for other organizations to follow.

This experience enabled me evaluate my own abilities for intuitive talent evaluation, creativity, strategy planning as well as advocacy. I realized I could function efficiently and with a level-head in periods of crisis, and could also transmit a sense of calmness, focus and optimism to a team, without compromising an understanding of the urgency of the situation. I also was able to allow maximum contribution was the team members in ways that facilitated a true sense of belonging and ownership. The shared sense of respect for each other that we experienced after the crisis was resolved cemented our feelings of accomplishment. The experience has given me a tremendous amount of self-confidence as well as confidence in my ability to overcome difficult challenges.

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I believe that actions that result in a positive outcome more often than not become strengths. Sometimes, I feel that situations are ‘alive’ and change constantly, thereby necessitating that we adapt constantly. I do not think that I can always control all unstructured situations and shape them to achieve a desired outcome. However, I am structured and organized. It is easier for me to work in an environment that has a certain order; but where none exists, I am capable of bringing order and structure. I am not comfortable with situations that are nebulous, a situation I am increasingly faced with at work due to the nature of the industry as well more people seemingly comfortable in it. I prefer to adapt quickly and get comfortable at an abstraction of 60%, rather than trying to get to 90% or above.

With regards to my disposition at work, I think I am an emotional worker. I am sometimes overcome by fear of failure and that causes me some stress. This feeling in turn drives me to work more and overcompensate for any gaps I think may have – I constantly seek feedback from my peers, my team and my seniors. The challenge for me is to apply the same sense of focus I adopt for crisis management towards routine activities.

I love my home country, India. That being said, foreigners would need to be prepared for the environment and the people before they arrive. Right from the airport, visitors can expect to notice the people and the weather – which is warm and humid. India has a huge population and this is one of the first things a foreigner will notice – people are literally everywhere. Sounds should also be expected. Indian drivers tend to use their horns a lot when driving. Thus, there is constant noise that can be draining for foreigners, until they get used to it. Evenings are full of smells of incense and spices; however, unpleasant smells such as urine and garbage also waft across the streets depending on the person’s location. Animals such as cows, donkeys, bullock and camels are also common on the streets depending on the part of the country.

Indian roads are chaotic and this can be very distressing to people from industrialized nations who are used to orderly roads and traffic. Cab rides can be hair-raising; small vehicles give way to larger vehicles as a rule. Lax traffic rules and control mean that drivers overtake from both sides as well as weave all over the roads. At the same time, pedestrian crossing means having the courage and agility to dart in front and through oncoming traffic. Drivers however, do stop for pedestrians. Since the roads are in various states of repair, driving one’s self as a foreigner can be a tasking experience as unsealed roads, partially dug up roads and roads with holes are common. It is important to understand that there is a sharp and easily visible contrast between the rich and poor in India; unlike in some countries where there is more differentiation between low income communities and wealthier areas, palatial apartments and makeshift houses can exist on the same street. There is also a similarly glaring lack of sanitation, large amounts of garbage and dirt are left out for the poor to pick up; most things do get recycled.

Incidentally, the country’s growing economy has made it a lot more travel friendly; western influences are strong across most cities – as evidenced by shopping malls and supermarkets springing up everywhere. Many cities like Mumbai and Delhi are cosmopolitan with modern entertainment and recreation establishments. However, it is also important to expect a slower pace of day-to-day living in India. Inefficient processes, lack of clear information channels and the challenge of navigating through crowds make patience a necessary virtue for the visitor. Negotiation is an important skill for a foreigner too, as they tend to receive higher price quotations. The bright side to this is that the scenery is stunning. The Indian society is close-knit but the people are warm and friendly. The country is rich in culture and has a diverse cuisine. The foreigner will also find a lot of opportunities for exploring the deep spiritual tapestry that is a key part of our culture.

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