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The economic implications of an aging population have been extensively researching on with most models establishing a clear link between productivity and the age of the labour force of a country. Braun & Joines (2015) state that Japan has the highest percentage of an aging population when compared to the...

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The Chinese emperor and the Japanese shoguns perceived Westerners as the threat to stability and peace in their countries. Confucianism disapproves merchants because they do not produce products and benefit from work of others. Therefore, China and Japan did not value economic connections with other countries. Also, they did not...

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Who we are is a function of the culture in which we were acculturated. This culture implanted within us a set of unconscious attitudes that determined and molded our thoughts, feelings, communication and behavior patterns (Hall, 1976). When we interact with other people in a social, institutional or business environment,...

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Introduction 2015 marked the seventieth anniversary of using atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, yet the debate over the necessity and justification of that decision is still going on. Hiroshima had been selected as the aim of bombing because of its significance as a transportation and military hub in Japan,...

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Introduction Japan is ranked among the countries with rich history drawn from its natural settings. The natural setting of Japan has proven difficult to understand due to the mixture of mountains and the emergence of costal plains in the region. An outward view of Japan of Japan has left many...

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The approach of work and recreation in both Japan and America is articulated in diverse aspects. The Japanese have a different intrusion towards the Americans when it comes to that issue and the Americans equally have a different view towards the Japanese over the same. For instance, the Americans look...

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