Kiersey Temperament Test

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The Kiersey Temperament Sort Test (KTST) revealed my personality to be that of the ‘guardian’. As I read the detailed description of the guardian personality type, I felt most of the points did apply to me but there were also points that do not define me. The KTST report implies guardians are good at managing production and operating activities. I do feel this is accurate because I was always actively engaged with co-curricular activities in high school and would often be given event management responsibilities. Even in college, I am considered one of the most reliable members of on-campus student associations with whom I am involved with. I have high sense of responsibility, thus, once I have been assigned a task, I make it a mission to accomplish it successfully and in a timely fashion.
The KTST test implies I am traditionalist and strives to preserve the traditional order as much as possible. I believe this only applies to me partially. I do value certain traditions but this doesn’t mean I fear change. In fact, I am huge believer in change not only because it is inevitable but also because I believe most of the change is positive. But I also think change should not be embraced blindly but instead there should be a good reason for it. I think some people welcome change in all forms and inaccurately assume all change is good.

I believe some traditions make sense and are worth preserving because they will continue to be useful in the future. One example of such a tradition is mandatory schooling and college education. I have read about some people who say college is a waste of time. There have even been prominent Silicon Valley insiders who have offered scholarships to potential entrepreneurs to not attend college and immediately start their own companies. I understand some college dropouts are huge success stories such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg but for most people, college education is extremely important. Similarly, I believe companies should provide more employment security to their employees. I know companies now say they need to be flexible and sometimes have no choice but to fire people to reduce costs but I still think it is not only wrong but also costly in the long term. I believe profit is an important reason but not the only reason why businesses exist. Businesses are also citizens of the society and, thus, have other obligations besides profit maximization.

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As the KTST analysis reveals, I do believe in law and order. I understand some rules may be strict but I believe they still serve the greater good of the society most of the times. I do not deny there have been certain laws in history which were unjust but such examples are very rare. Most of the laws are there for a good reason. But even if one disagrees with a law, he should strive to change it in a civilized manner because one has rights such as free speech and engaging in activism. I oppose activities that disturb public life even if the intentions behind them are noble. Everyone should respect law even if one doesn’t agree with it but one always has the right to advocate for change or modification to law in a civilized manner.

The KTST test analysis is also on the mark when it comes to my work habits. I, indeed, am a team player and also believe everyone should share information and engage in open communication to avoid disruptions or delay progress on an assignment or project. I treat people with kindness because good working relationships help everyone at the workplace.

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