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This paper consists of two major sections. The first is a phonetic transcription of the text from Havilland, Prins, Walrath, and McBride The Essence of Anthropology, precede by some short explanation of what a phoneme is. The second part is an analysis of the text from the perspective of how each morpheme is free or bound. The analysis is preceded by some short explanation about the difference between free morphemes and bounds morphemes.

To begin with, the text needed for analysis is from page 26 of the textbook:

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“The dilemma anthropologists face is also recognized in the preamble of the code of ethics of the American Anthropological Association (AAA). The code, first formalized in 1971, was modified to its current form in 1998. This document outlines the various ethical responsibilities”

The phonetic task will deal with twenty words which come first in the text, while the other part of analysis will need all forty words.

Part 1. Phonemes and Phonetic IPA Transcription
Phoneme is defined as a separate or distinct sound or set of sounds (Blevins 28).
There are different types and subtypes of phonemes, e.g. consonants, vowels, etc. Phonetic transcirptiopn helps prounce the words in a correct manner.
| ?? d??lem? ??n?r??p?l?d??sts fe?s ?z ???ls?? ?rek??na?zd ?n ?? pri???mbl? ?v ?? k??d ?v ?e??ks ?v ?i ??mer?k?n ??n?r??p??l?d??kl? ??s???i?e??n? |

Part 2. Morphemes, Free and Bound
As for the difference between the two kinds of morphemes, free and bound, it is above all in their ability to stand alone. Free morphemes are called free because they can be used independently and can stand alone; they do not need other morphemes. Bound morphemes, on the contrary, are morphemes which need to be attached to free morphemes. The examples of the bound morphemes are suffixes, prefixes, etc. These morphemes cannot be used without the free morpheme.

TheF dilemmaF anthropologF/istB/sB faceF isF alsoF reB/cognizF/edB inF theF preB/ambleF ofF theF codeF ofF ethicF/sB ofF theF AmericF/anB AnthropologF/icalB AssociatF/ionB (AAA)F. TheF codeF, firstF formF/alB/izB/edB inF 1971, wasF modifF/iedB toF itsF currentF formF inF 1998. ThisF documentF outB/lineF/sB theF variF/ousB ethicF/alB responsF/ibilB/itiB/esB

  • Blevins, Wiley. Phonics from A to Z: A Practical Guide. Scholastic, 1998. Print.
  • Havilland, William, Prins, Harald, Walrath, Dana, and Bunny McBride. The Essence of Anthropology. Cengage Learning, 2012. Print.

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