Market For Illegal Downloads

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Even though musicians tend to produce their music with the intention of showing off their prowess in producing the music, they also produce and sing with the intention of making some money. However, this has been a difficult scenario especially with the fact that many people do not buy such copies of music but instead download them illegally.

Illegal downloads tend to cost less when compared to the actual price of the music being sold by the pay sites such as iTunes. This happens because such sites do not incur a lot of costs to produce the music because they tend to pirate the movie. Therefore, this music being distributed by sites that have no royalties will always be cheap. It is this cheap music that many people prefer. Very few will incur the cost of buying a genuine album of a musician. Instead, they will go for the cheap one because of the notion that the cost incurred in downloading is less when compared to buying the actual music. It is with this reason that most of the music is never bought but downloaded.

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Even though people enjoy downloading the music illegally, they should also know that with this illegal downloads, the musician will not be able to get his or her cut of the royalties. This implies that the pay sites will have very few visitors. The lesser the visitors to these sites, the low the number of people purchasing the music legally. This act directly affects the musician considering the fact that he or she has channeled a lot of resources to produce and even shoot the music. The musicians will end up making huge losses as a result.

Something should be done about this issue. It has spread like wildfire in the society. The music associations should come up with ways of protecting their musicians from such issues. Strategies such as preventing a music album from leaking into the internet should be among the strategies. It is only the strategies that will be put in place that will protect the musicians from incurring huge losses.

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