Mentorship Discussion

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A mentorship program benefits both the mentor and the mentee. Mentoring has been around for many years, and is often used as a coaching technique in organizations to familiarize a new employee with the processes that take place within an organization. Many times a sales person or consultant will take the new hire under their wing for a designated amount of time to show them around and familiarize them with all the need to know about their new position and the organization as a whole. The relationship that forms from this is one that is beneficial on many levels to both individuals involved.

Mentors benefit in being in this type of relationship in that they are more transparent in their duties and this enables them to see the mistakes or flaws in their own practices. When an individual performs tasks daily, they sometimes do so without even realizing what they are doing or why they are doing it. When they become a mentor, they must explain their actions, and answer any questions their mentee may have. This opens the doors to the mentor realizing aspects about him/her self they may not have recognized otherwise. Mentoring another individual allows the mentor to reflect on his/her behaviors and actions. Mentors are also able to look at tasks from other perspectives, and may in turn improve themselves in the process.

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“Mentees also report improved confidence, job satisfaction, working relationships, problem solving abilities, sense of collegiality and support in making career decisions” (Harrison, Anderson, Laloe, Santillo, Lawton, & Wright. 2014). Mentees are guided so that they can in turn perform at an expected level. When individuals are essentially thrown into a position without guidance, they are less likely to succeed in the position assigned. Mentees are also able to form a relationship with their mentor that is ongoing, and work alliances are always beneficial. When alliances are formed, the end product is more creative, and potentially more profitable.

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