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The movie Gettysburg was released in 1993. It features the battle of Gettysburg from the civil war and explores the decisions and dilemmas of two main leaders from both the Union and Confederate armies. In style, the movie is realistic. There are period costumes to reflect accurately the type of...

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The movie Full Metal Jacket, directed by Stanley Kubrick, is a chronicle of Marines as they are trained to become efficient killers during their time at boot camp and then on to wage war in the jungles and streets of Viet Nam. Essentially told through the point of view of...

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In La Dolce Vita, we witness what many would consider an old film from a society far removed. While I agree that we live in a different age, with technology, communication, and values that separate us from mid-twentieth century Europe, we also share a significant amount of ground with the...

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Paul Haggis' Oscar-winning crime-drama, Crash, lends itself to an analysis from a number of different perspectives. One of the most intriguing themes displayed throughout the course of the movie; however, is the portrayal of racial/ethnic issues and stereotypes. The movie depicts several ethnic groups (e.g., Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Caucasian, and...

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The House of Cards is a documentary that discusses the true reasons behind foreclosure and global economic failure. The main narrator in this documentary is correspondent David Faber. The documentary shows several different stories from the home buyer perspectives, mortgage brokers, investment bankers, and the companies who are trying to...

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The PBS documentary on World War II recounts the story of those who refused to fight in the war. These men, numbering close to 40,000, appealed to their conscience, which would not allow them to kill anyone, even Nazis. The film uses a clear rhetorical technique to accentuate the refusal...

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Slavery before the Civil War In Gone with the Wind, slave-owners were depicted largely as a genteel group of people. Scarlett O’Hara is repeatedly seen antagonizing some of the house slaves, but in apparent good nature. Regardless, the slave-owners seemed to view their role as beneficiaries of the slaves; their...

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