Organizational Diversity Plan

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In the contemporary world, organizations are structure and operate in a manner that embraces diversity. However, the inclusion of diversity posses several challenges forcing organizations to transform both internally and externally. The 21st century is characterized by demographic changes in the workforce composition and customer population, increased competition among organizations and globalized markets. Business leaders and diversity specialists suggest organizations need to implement the competitive advantage of diversity in the workplace in order to survive and thrive (Samovar et al, 2013). This calls for the redefinition of the concepts of management and leadership. Diversity is a concept that is constantly evolving but most organizations recognize race and gender as the major diversity factors. Most international organizations have employees from diverse regions around the globe and try to balance the aspect of gender in the managerial team.

It is of significant importance for managers to have a wider perspective of diversity and include other dimensions to include associations with external groups to the organization. Creating a diversity plan involves several elements which include having a clear definition of what diversity means for the organization, a mission for the diversity, justification for the diversity plan, a statement of goals, delegation of responsibilities towards the realization of the plan and a statement of accountability (Samovar et al, 2013). Employee engagement is an important aspect to consider and is founded on the principles of job satisfaction, organizational citizenship behavior and employee commitment. Having a positive employee engagement is a stronger predictor of organizational success since the employees would be attached to their workplace and be involved in their work with great enthusiasm.

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It is important for organizational leaders not to rely on one approach in order to realize organizational success. To bring about the desired change organizational leaders need to build and sustain diversity through commitment, communication, strategy and concrete changes in organizational processes and structure. Decision making process should include consultations in order to implement the best alternative that would bring about the desired change in goal realization.

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